Saturday, 29 June 2019

Elegant Poppy Dress

Sometimes magic happens with sewing and by sheer chance the perfect fabric and fabric combination happens. This is what happened to me when I received this fabric to try and this pattern literally jumped out at me when I went into my sewing room to see what I could make.

I absolutely adore this dress. It is the most elegant one I have seen in a long time and I am looking forward to wearing it very much, It is perfect for any occasion, I only wish I had a wedding to attend as it would look stunning.

 The style could not be simpler. A boat neckline, princess seams and a gathered skirt with a belt which ties in a bow at the front.

The fabric is  a cotton poplin  which has a beautiful poppy print on a black background. Cotton poplin poppy print fabric

But don't stop reading yet - please read the full post on this link  Elegant poppies dress

Thank you to Minerva fabrics for this beautiful poppy print

Monday, 17 June 2019

Have you considered updating your denim jacket?

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There are lots of ways to personalise clothing, in this post I am doing a very simple up-cycle of my plain white - and rather boring - denim jacket.

You will have lots of ideas of your own, I am just giving you something to think about  . Girls and boys too would love to help with their own ideas for their clothes too. This is a fun project even for somebody with no sewing skills (yet!)

My jacket has been altered by adding a small embellishment to the back, a touch of top-stitching and by covering the buttons. 
It's easy to do even if you are new to sewing as I am giving options suitable for all levels of sewing.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Closet Case Floral Ginger jeans

A MCBN post .June 219

My Closet Case ginger Jeans

Who says jeans have to be Denim,and who said they have to be plain?
I have spent a few weeks exploring various patterns and fabrics and came to the conclusion that so long as you choose the type of fabric recommended on the pattern (eg stretch, woven etc) and you take the time to fit your garment properly you really can use any pattern in whatever style suits you best,  and choose  a fabric appropriate for the season.

Very summery don't you think? Perfect for holiday drinks people-watching, with a pullover for when it gets cooler.

Making jeans is not as daunting as you may first think.

Measure, fit, measure, and fit again and again until you achieve the fit that you like. And please don't forget to make a test garment especially if you have never made trousers before.

To read the post in full and to order the fabric and supplies for making jeans go to this link My Closet Case Ginger Jeans

I would love to hear your comments. Have you made jeans? Did you enjoy the process? I did and I won't ever buy a pair of ready made again.🙁

Thank you

Ps I have a post on this blog too #sewangelicthreads How to sew Jeans