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Saturday 10 February 2024

Brother Embroidery Machine NV880E

 My review of The Brother Embroidery Machine NV880E

I have also upgraded my embroidery machine. I love machine embroidery and the previous one was slowly wearing out with use. 

This marvelous machine is available from Jaycott.co.uk on the following link 

The machine has many functions and is a real pleasure to use 

4.9” colour touchscreen
260 x 160 mm embroidery area
258 built-in patterns and 13 fonts
Advanced needle threader
Auto jump stitch trimmer
Colour sorting
LED pointer
Wireless connection

The wireless connection means that downloaded embroidery designs can be transferred directly to the machine from your computer without the need for a USB.

It comes with the following accessories 

Accessories Included with 880e
Embroidery foot with LED pointer
Seam ripper
Bobbin (4) (One bobbin is on machine.)
Needle set
Cleaning brush
Spool cap (large, medium, small)
Thread spool insert (mini king thread spool)
Spool net
Set of screwdrivers
Bobbin case (no color on the screw) (on machine)
Embroidery hoop and sheet 260 x 160mm
Embroidery hoop and sheet 150 x 150mm
Embroidery hoop and sheet 100 x 100mm
Embroidery bobbin thread
Dust cover
Power supply cord
Accessory bag
Operation Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Embroidery Design Guide

I like the new designs which are built in ready for use and have used some already, but  it is also very easy to use a USB  to download your own designs 

If you need to break off sewing for a while, don't worry as when the machine is switched back on again you will be asked if you want to continue where you left off. 

Another feature I like is that the thread is automatically cut when moving on to another area so that you do not end up with a spiders  web of threads to unravel and cut.

This is an amazing machine and even if you are new to machine embroidery you will soon be producing high quality embellishments on your clothing, linen etc 

There is a good choice of accessories available from Jaycott.co.uk 

You will need threads and stabilisers ,so if you are not sure exactly what you need,  and  for any other enquiries then do not hesitate to contact  Jaycott.co.uk  on