I am Angela and I love to sew. I started sewing as a child and by the time I was a teenager I was wearing the very latest fashions to go out in. All me-made. I am passionate about reducing the amount of textiles sent to landfill, and encourage you to repurpose fabrics and clothes I started this blog in order to have a way in which to pass on my gained knowledge, and my professional knowledge to you, Sewing is empowering, you can save money by making items, make money by selling then, You can pass your knowledge on to others. What is there not to love? Interestingly I am a direct descendant of the Flemish weavers who came over to England in the 1300's. I find that fascinating especially as most of my family from as far back as I can trace are somehow involved in the manufacturing of fabric . . I have a degree in tailoring with a special interest in WW2 fashion.
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Tuesday 20 February 2024

VOGUE V9341 Jacket Pattern designed by Julio Cesar

 Vogue patterns 9341 - Spring and Autumn 


This is a lovely sewing pattern as it is but when I saw it I could think of many different ways I could personalise it just  for me and to make it work for different seasons 


For the first version I used a dark grey wool British Coating and trimmed the front of the jacket with a pale pink Tweed.  I made a matching Tote bag too 


In the second version I used this rather gorgeous reversible Melton wool fabric, and for the front section  I simply used the opposite side of the fabric. The bag was made last year and it suits the coat fabric beautifully 

This jacket is incredibly easy to sew and if you use a boiled wool for example you  could consider not finishing the seams.

You could make the jacket reversible by a number of methods incorporating flat fell seams, or binding the seams with Bias binding.  These are called Hong-Kong seams. It is easy to make your own Bias binding 

Bias Binding maker

Or you can purchase it ready made  

Bias Binding

The jacket works out roomy so I chose a smaller size than normal. The short sleeves are not practical for where I live and so I lengthenced them. For the fastenings I used magnetic press studs, other choices include   buttons and buttonholes,  sew in poppers bag clasps and more 

I took a fair amount of time thinking about the placement of the contrast fabric on the right front and what other trimmings I could add.  

The pattern may be purchased from Jaycotts.co.uk 

 Vogue 9341

Fasteners can also be purchased from Jaycotts.co.uk 

There is a huge selection so enjoy browsing 

Various fastenings

 Enjoy designing your own special jacket



Thursday 18 June 2020


Vintage sewing, the late 1960's. 

This is a post from  three years ago but I want you to see it as the technique of finishing the neckline is so very useful

This is an iconic style of the 1960s, it was the first time in history that teenagers had their own style and the shift dress was certainly one of them. Made in heavy fabric so that it hung straight on the body it was short  bright and fun to wear.
For fabrics look at MinervaCrafts Cotton dress fabrics as they have an almost endless choice 

Perhaps one of the most daunting challenges is when you choose a pattern only to find that it has an all in one facing which encloses the neck and armhole edges both at the same time. But don't worry, it's simple when you know how. I am using New look patterns. Both available from Jaycotts.co.uk. But there are plenty of similar patterns, just look for a sleeveless shift dress

There are many methods but this one is in my opinion the neatest and the easiest. So, choose a pattern for either a shell top or a sleeveless dress which includes an all in one facing.

Monday 3 February 2020

The Tremont Jacket by The Sewing Workshop

This is a MCBN post

The Tremont Jacket by The Sewing Workshop

I love The Sewing Workshop Patterns. They have just enough difficulty about them to make you think, but are not impossibly hard even for beginners. They are edgy and just that bit different. I have made several of their patterns and wear each garment lots of times, I use  the patterns more than once too.

For this design I chose a Boiled Wool Fabric in cerise pink. This fabric is easy to cut and easy to sew and the best news is that as it doesn't fray you do not even have to worry about finishing the seams.

To find out how I made this gorgeous jacket and to view and order fabric and pattern please go to this link. The Tremont Jacket

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Sunday 6 January 2019

What is the difference between a Tailored and non tailored garment, in pictures

What is the difference between tailored and non-tailored garments?

Hello, this is here by request. I know I said that I wasn't going to write a blog for a few weeks as I am busy making a coat, but so many of you have requested to see some of the garments I made at college over 30 years ago, so here I am blogging when I should be sewing.

First of all watch my you tube video as much of the explanation is there and it saves me having to type when I should be sewing!

Direct link to video if it doesn't show is Tailored vs non-tailored

In this video you will clearly see the difference between a Tailored and non-tailored coat or jacket.

Here are close up photos of my ancient garments, fully tailored, totally sewn by hand, and which took six months to a year to make! However you can see how well they have survived despite being in a suitcase for many years.

This is one of my examination garments. I had to make a winter coat without using a pattern of any sort. The fabric is Mohair and cost me £80 which was an absolute fortune then. This coat is extremely heavy!