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Monday 23 May 2022

The Liberty Bella Tea Dress

 This Tea Dress by Liberty London is made in a patriotic London print fabric in honour of Her Majesty's platinum Jubilee and is also my Birthday Dress 

Tea dresses are so flattering and fabulous for when you want to feel dressy but not uncomfortable 
This Liberty London design is very typical of the styles worn in the 1940's with shoulder pads and simple lines 

Shoulder pads were added to almost every garment in the 1940s,  it was a nod to the military and seen as a sign of support to our Armed Forces

I have owned this pattern for ages and had forgotten about it, but with Her Majesty's platinum Jubilee fast approaching it seemed appropriate. 
As did this fabulous fabric which I have  owned for several years but never found the occasion to use it. It is absolutely perfect!
The pattern is suitable for confident beginners 

I felt  that the fabric needed a lift and so I added a red tie and matching sleeve cuffs . I also have a red belt which ties the whole garment together beautifully 

I made a couple of small adjustments to the pattern. The front gathers are more or less centre front of the bodice , I felt that it suited me better spreading the gathers out a bit more.
The waist on the pattern for a size 12 is only 26" so I straightened the bodice pattern sides and added extra width to the skirt sides. Other than the waist the pattern needed no more adjustments 
Do check your measurements carefully.

My personal preference was to have the sleeves a tiny bit longer so I added 2 inches to the length 

A lapped zip at the side of the dress was normal in the 1940's,  or sometimes poppers or button closures were used 
I used a lapped zip as I wanted to keep the style as close to the original as possiblec

I am happy with the way the sleeves end just on my elbow and I like the darted sleeve head which gives a nice fullness to the sleeve 
I added small shoulder pads. 

This dress is perfect. It is very wearable, suitable for the Jubilee and also my Birthday,  the pattern is so very lovely 

I hope that you like this dress, if so it is never too late to add a feminine Tea Dress to your wardrobe 

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