Sunday, 14 June 2020

Summer Pants and Cheesecloth Tops

I have wanted to make these trousers for a while, I made a wearable toile (or test garment) and I am so glad I did! 

I also wanted to make some Cheesecloth Tops and I hand dyed some of a plain white fabric to make them with . More about that later

This is a fabulous outfit and I absolutely love it, but it was not without its problems!

Problems are just puzzles to be solved in my opinion and I enjoy the creative thinking required to sort them out.

This is the Pietra Trousers by Closet Case Patterns . I have made the Ginger Jeans many times and love them so much that I made five pairs!

Friday, 5 June 2020

How to make NO - SEW face coverings.

Face coverings for people who do not sew.

We are required to wear face coverings more and more but not all of us can sew, so what can we do to make ourselves a face covering - without spending any money.


  • These are not medical grade and can only HELP to contain the virus not prevent us from catching it.
  • They must be washed after every use
  • Do not touch them when in place
  • Wash your hands after removing them.

I made a YouTube video and this is the easiest place to start when finding out how to make your own