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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

McCalls 8064 in cotton jersey

 McCalls 8064 in cotton Jersey from 

details of fabric and pattern are on Cotton jersey dress so please do take a look 

This cotton Jersey fabric is substantial in weight which makes it hang beautifully,  and also makes it easy to sew.

The pattern is by McCalls and I chose the medium size. I am finding with McCalls at the moment the sizing is running small so I made one or two alterations to make it fit comfortably.  This only demonstrates that it is always necessary to cut out the size which best reflects your own  body measurements and  not to assume that you are the same size for every pattern company because you won't be.

That aside this is a very beautiful dress and I feel that it is smart enough for a wedding. 

I altered the length to somewhere in the middle of their two length options using a ruler to measure accurately.

This is an easy sew which under different circumstances ( I have been going through massive home improvements) I would have finished in a couple of days. 

This is a dress to take you through the seasons and the full length version would be perfect in a sparkly stretch fabric for evening events - should they ever happen again!

The short dress with short or no sleeves is perfect for summer days.

This pattern easily suits any age group and any figure, so go ahead and make one for yourself,  just pay attention to getting the sizing correct ,and you will have a dress which will quickly become a firm favourite and which you will wear time and time again.

I love this fabric, it is stylish and best of all there are five fabulous colours to choose from.

I would love to see your version of this dress

Happy sewing 



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