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Monday 2 August 2021

Vogue V8952 Pullover Tunic Top

 A Minerva.com make

You can read the post in full and view more photos as well as finding out how to order this fabulous fabric and pattern on this link My Vogue 8952 top on Minerva.com

What an amazing pattern this is. I love all three views but in the end decided on the version with the cowl neckline, however I am already planning on what fabric to make the other two versions in. This does seem to be a popular pattern and since purchasing mine I have seen quite a few versions and they all look fantastic 

The fabric I used is a Viscose Jersy knit and it hangs really nicely don't you agree. It comes in four colours and is modestly priced especially as you only need 2m

This isxtgeclink to this gorgeous fabric which comes in several different colours 

Viscose Jersey Fabric

I like to use Mettlar Seraflock thread for stretch fabrics, it is a stretch thread which means that the garment can be sewn with just a straight stitch. If you do not want to use this thread then use a normal polyester thread with a very small zigzag stitch. You will also need a new stretch needle - no debate there.

The pattern can be ordered by going to this link Vogue pattern

The only change I needed to make to the pattern was to shorten the sleeves. I did alter the construction process slightly.   Instead of the recommend flat fell seams I used my overlocker, but go ahead and use Vogue method if you prefer. I used seam tape on the shoulder seams, and after tacking the cowl in place as instructed IE by machining just one edge to the neckline I felt that I would be constantly messing with it so I folded the cowl in half and stitched it on as a double layer. This little tweak pleased me a lot.

I am not keen on raw edges and as the hems are folded over just once I decided to overlock the edges before pressing and stitching a narrow hem.

This is a quick and easy sew but don't let that fool you. It is a sophisticated well fitting top which  will look good on almost any body shape and looks classy with simple trousers or thick leggings 

Do not hesitate to get stuck in and make this top, I guarantee that you will make several as I am doing.

Happy sewing , enjoy making your Vogue tunic top.



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