I am Angela and I love to sew. I started sewing as a child and by the time I was a teenager I was wearing the very latest fashions to go out in. All me-made. I am passionate about reducing the amount of textiles sent to landfill, and encourage you to repurpose fabrics and clothes I started this blog in order to have a way in which to pass on my gained knowledge, and my professional knowledge to you, Sewing is empowering, you can save money by making items, make money by selling then, You can pass your knowledge on to others. What is there not to love? Interestingly I am a direct descendant of the Flemish weavers who came over to England in the 1300's. I find that fascinating especially as most of my family from as far back as I can trace are somehow involved in the manufacturing of fabric . . I have a degree in tailoring with a special interest in WW2 fashion.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Vogue 1693 Special Occasion Dress

 My Birthday Dress May 2023

I always make a new dress for my birthday,  this Vogue pattern really appealed to me. 

It looks complicated but honestly it's not. The fabric I used is from my own stash,  I have been waiting to find the perfect pattern and they are perfect for each other.

The fabric is a fairly heavy embroidered Indian cotton with a lace edging along one side. It is navy Blue with sequins 
"Broderie Anglaise" would be perfect 

I positioned the pattern pieces so that the hem and sleeves would end in the lace part and I adjusted the length of the skirt before cutting out. 
I only just had enough fabric so I was really happy that the fabric has a lace edging so I was able to utilise it in order to make ab interesting sleeves 

 The main body of the fabric is covered in sequins too.
For the lining I chose a lightweight cotton lining fabric. 

The lining actually extends right down to the hem, but I decided that I would just line the bodice and the top part of the skirt, leaving to frill to be more fluid and free.
I felt that the weight of the skirt needed some support otherwise I may have considered removing the skirt part of the  lining completely 


If you want a mini dress you could actually stop here and hem the dress as it is.  


There are many possibilities with this pattern. Another idea is to reduce the width of the upper skirt and lining , taking it in at the bottom to create a bell shape. Adding the frill to this will then produce a mermaid skirt.  This can further be adapted by lengthening the back upper skirt  This would make a stunning wedding gown especially if the upper fabric is a heavy lace fabric and the lining is satin.
The sleeves can also be adapted, mine are straight but you can make yours more bell shaped .

The pink lines  give an idea of what I mean.  I do like to reuse my patterns as much as possible and this one gives plenty of opportunity to put your own touches to the garment 

I felt that the front is a bit low for me so I joined the front pieces for three inches. It is still very low. 
You could put a piece of your fabric or a lace fabric behind the front instead to make it more modest.
I just made two carriers for the cording. I made them from lingerie elastic stitched to the inside of the dress. 

I love the way in which the sequins catch the light, and I love the swishy skirt 

An experienced beginner would easily be able to make this dress. The most important part is to get the fit right, there are separate pattern pieces for different bust sizes , so if you are not sure then please make a toile of the bodice in order to check the fit. 

The dress is very suitable for wheelchair users , it is a joy to wear for any celebration or an afternoon picnic in the park. 

Pattern is from Jaycotts and may be ordered via this link 

Thank you for reading my post