I am Angela and I love to sew. I started sewing as a child and by the time I was a teenager I was wearing the very latest fashions to go out in. All me-made. I am passionate about reducing the amount of textiles sent to landfill, and encourage you to repurpose fabrics and clothes I started this blog in order to have a way in which to pass on my gained knowledge, and my professional knowledge to you, Sewing is empowering, you can save money by making items, make money by selling then, You can pass your knowledge on to others. What is there not to love? Interestingly I am a direct descendant of the Flemish weavers who came over to England in the 1300's. I find that fascinating especially as most of my family from as far back as I can trace are somehow involved in the manufacturing of fabric . . I have a degree in tailoring with a special interest in WW2 fashion.

Monday 5 June 2023

Using my new Brother Coverstitch machine on a top made in Stretch Cotton Jersy Rib

 The Brother CV3550 Coverstitch Machine 

I am very lucky to now own a Coverstitch machine,  I have wanted one for years . They are not a necessity but are an incredible addition to a sewists collection of sewing machines.

Coverstitch machines are primarily used to create professional-looking hems to garments. They can be used for covering raw edges of a fabric,  for example in seams , they can be used for embellishments and are suitable for stretch and woven fabrics ,

Mine is from BrotherUK and I purchased it from Jaycotts.co.uk

It has many stitch options plus a feature I love is the possibility of creating multicoloured stitching using any variation of thread colours to give the effect you want 

This is a Top Coverstitch using multiple coloured threads. 

This is the reverse side of the same stitch.

It has numerous stitches in addition to the top  Coverstitch with three needles it will do a Coverstitch like this one with up to three top threads which can also be adapted to wide and narrow stitches This sample is a narrow two thread 
I found that YouTube has plenty of suggestions.


Cotton Rib Stretch Jersey Top.

The best way to learn about your new machine is to use it. I self drafted a top and made it up in  this Cotton rib stretch fabric which was gifted to me from Minerva.com 

I made a simple design as an extra layer on cooler summer days. The front and back have little shaping but the sleeves are slightly full with a cuff which can be worn in multiple ways.
The neckline has a band. This needs to be cut with the stretch along  the length and stretched slightly when applying to the  neckline. 
Whilst we want the band to stretch, the main fabric needs to remain the same. To stop it from stretching therefore I stay stitched along the garment neck edge. 

If I could give you a hint. It is far easier to install the neckline if you stitch just one shoulder and join the other one later. 
Similarly it is easier to add sleeves before stitching the side seams. 

To finish the neckline I added a triple top Coverstitch in shades of pink and purple 
I used the same stitch on the hem. To prevent the hem from stretching out of shape I used some iron on seamtape 

I think you will agree that this very simple top will be a very useful addition to my wardrobe 

Just a touch of embellishment helps lift it from the ordinary to something special

The fabric is soft, light but has plenty of body. It lends itself to lots of different garments

Thank you Minerva.com for gifting the fabric. And thank you to Jaycotts.co.uk for sorting out this fabulous machine for me