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Monday 22 November 2021

A very beautiful blouse in fabulous Art Gallery Fabrics stretch cotton Jersey

I do not normally wear blouses and I was thinking about why I don't. I realised that I have always sewn them in a woven fabric and I feel too restricted when wearing  fabrics like cotton  Lawn,  no matter how beautiful  it is , it's  just not me.

So I was glad to have been gifted a length of this fabric and also a copy of the pattern,  so it was the perfect opportunity

The fabric is from Minerva.com,  the link is Art Gallery Cotton Jersey

The pattern is also from Minerva.com,  the link is New Look 6582

Don't take your size for granted. Just like ready to wear clothes vary in fit, patterns do too.
So, choose the pattern size closest to your actual  measurements.  If in any doubt use the next size up.

You will not easily be able to get your used pattern back into its envelope,  so use a large one or a clear plastic wallet to safely store your pattern 

To make cutting out easier you can if you want to highlight the lines for the size you want to use 

As the front and back pattern pieces  need to be placed on the fold line, so keeping the grain straight fold both of  the selvedge to the middle and place the pattern pieces opposite  each other

Stay stitch the neckline to stop it from stretching out of shape.

The front and back facings need to be interfaced and the centre front markings transferred to the back of the facing. I used a pen which disappears at the touch of an iron.

The outside lines are sewn along and the centre front line is where you cut the slit.

To make the ties I used a fabric turning set which is easy to use and I wouldn't be without it Prym fabric turning tool set

Stitch the ties at the dots on the front edges then pin and stitch the facings in place.

Snip into the Curved neckline and cut carefully down the centre front up to, but not cutting through the stitches at the point.,press. Turn right sides out. Then press again. I like to  under-stitch as far as I can as it keeps the facing in place.

Stitch the sleeves in place and also the side seams. Then try your blouse on to make sure that the sleeves are the correct length.  Mine were just a tiny bit too long so I just made the channel for the elastic  slightly wider.

When finishing the hem I tacked it in place to ensure it would stay flat before machine stitching close to the edge, leaving a gap to thread the elastic through.

I loved every minute of sewing this blouse and I know that I will enjoy wearing it.


I am wearing it with a long skirt and a wide belt but it would equally be perfect with trousers

I made this hand knitted sleeveless  top to wear over it. The wool and pattern are from Mrs Johnsons Emporium based in Blackpool and online it is an amazing treasure trove of everything you could possibly  need to knit, crochet, sew..... I dare you to go in and not spend anything.  Mention I sent you too.

Shown here seated, the sleeves make a simple but elegant statement

This is a lovely blouse,  you could make it in cotton lawn or poplin  if you prefer.

Thank you for reading this post. In addition  to this blog you can find me on Minerva.com My page on Minerva.com where you can look at other projects I have done.



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