I am Angela and I love to sew. I started sewing as a child and by the time I was a teenager I was wearing the very latest fashions to go out in. All me-made. I am passionate about reducing the amount of textiles sent to landfill, and encourage you to repurpose fabrics and clothes I started this blog in order to have a way in which to pass on my gained knowledge, and my professional knowledge to you, Sewing is empowering, you can save money by making items, make money by selling then, You can pass your knowledge on to others. What is there not to love? Interestingly I am a direct descendant of the Flemish weavers who came over to England in the 1300's. I find that fascinating especially as most of my family from as far back as I can trace are somehow involved in the manufacturing of fabric . . I have a degree in tailoring with a special interest in WW2 fashion.

Friday 30 April 2021

Simple Sewing Project - APRONS!

 When I was learning to sew at primary school the very first thing I ever made was a Gingham apron which I decorated with cross stitch embroidery. I suddenly thought that it is a brilliant idea for a first sewing project.

Jaycotts.co.uk have a surprising amount of apron patterns for men women and children, vintage to modern, take a look Apron patterns

Or you could design your own as I did or copy one you already have 

 Cut out your fabric and make sure that it has been pressed.

Simply double hem (or overlock and single hem) all the way round 

You can hand sew if you do not have a sewing machine 

Then add ties. I used grosgrain ribbon but most patterns show you how to stitch simple ties from your fabric if you have none to hand 

The easiest way to make them is to sew a long strip , around 4"wide, sew it right sides together and turn right side out.  Press and topstitch 

I used D rings on the neck strap to make it adjustable . These are available from any haberdashery 

Add any sort of pocket you like, heart shaped pockets look cute on Gingham or floral. Go for one simple pocket or one which stretches all the way across,  your choice.

I used a Bias binding foot to easily attach a decorative trim to my large pocket

For children I used to use old mens shirts or my old dresses but there are some really cute fabrics around 

Elephant In My Handbag Childrens fabric has some fabulous fabric, including glow in the dark!

If you want an apron for a man Denim or canvas is great, do add lots of pockets for tools and so on

For a craft apron use Pleather or a waterproof fabric. When sewing with pleather ( faux leather) use a leather needle. A nice way to finish the edges is to use your pinking sheers all around the edge and then turn to the wrong side and top stitch.

This really is a great first sewing project for any age. I hope that I have given you some ideas. 

Thank you for reading 

Do watch this video 

 The link to the video on YouTube is here too .         Link to video on YouTube


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