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Thursday 31 May 2018

My review of Prym Pressing tools from Jaycotts.co.uk

A Jaycotts.co.uk blog post all about pressing 

What is your most important sewing tool? You might be surprised!

In this post I am going to demonstrate some of the pressing equipment by Prym which you can obtain from Jaycotts and I will show you why they are as necessary as your sewing machine when undertaking any sewing project.

What do you imagine the number one rule of sewing to be? Would you be surprised to learn that THE top rule for any sewing project is to press as you go. That's every seam, every time.
You would be amazed at the difference it makes to your finished garment, it makes all your garments look Handmade (Bespoke) not the dreaded " homemade"
And what is the number one rule in pressing? Its simple, don't rush.
Notice too that I used the word pressing not ironing.When you are ironing your iron is moving back and forth over the fabric constantly, with pressing the iron is set down and then lifted up before moving to the next spot.
Every time you sit down to sew get your pressing equipment set up before you start sewing so that it is easily available.  If you leave pressing until after you have finished sewing you will not produce a quality look to your garment.

So, let's discuss which products you need, and I do mean need. The basics are

  • A good quality heavy steam iron
  • An ironing board with a padded cover. Avoid the teflon coated covers as they reflect heat into the back of fabrics and can cause shine and problems with interfacings
  • A pressing cloth 
  • A Tailors ham and/or sleeve roll
  • A sleeve board

My collection of pressing tools 

The Prym Mini Steam Iron

This mini steam iron is huge in its effectiveness. It works extremely well and is an absolute boon in the sewing room when you just need to press small pieces such as facings, collars pockets and so on.
Sometimes I just get this and my sleeve board out when I want to press something small like a collar quickly.
It is also great for making bias binding.

It comes with a full length flex and is dual voltage do you could take it on holiday if you wanted. It comes in a little bag, has its own dinky water jug, and full instructions.

It has adjustable temperature and the option to have steam on or off. In fact it has all the functions of your large iron.

It is so comfortable to hold too, the design is brilliant and a lot of thought has gone into it.
For more product information and to purchase one go to this link on the Jaycotts web site Prym Mini Steam Iron
It definitely is a product I recommend and would make a great gift for a sewer

Prym Ironing Glove with Lint Brush

I wonder how on earth I ever managed without this fabulous item.
How many times have you put something on your mannequin or got something out of the wardrobe and cursed because there is just a tiny part which needs pressing and you don't want to get the ironing board out?

Problem solved! This miraculous little glove means that you can put it on your hand and place it in a cuff or anywhere you like and iron the crease out without burning your hand

It it is so very useful especially for you bloggers who want to touch the garment up a little during a photography session.
It is also great for pressing shoulders and those annoying hard to reach spots on anything.
Take a look at the product on this link, I know you will want to buy one! By the way it has a lint brush on the back making it doubly useful.  Prym Ironing Glove

Prym Pressing Cloth

We all need a pressing cloth and this one is particularly good. A pressing cloth prevents shine on your fabric when pressing it. How many times have we ended up with a shiny patch when we have been pressing trousers for example. I known I am guilty of that.

I like this one because when it is damp it becomes transparent so that you can see what you are pressing.
After use allow it to dry naturally and then put it with the rest of your ironing equipment so that it is always to hand. If you need to wash it do it gently by hand and don't use fabric conditioner.
This product can be purchased on this link Prym Pressing Cloth

Prym Heat Resistant Finger Guards

What a brilliant idea these are. Made from silicon they are heat resistant for short periods, certainly long enough for any sewing project needs .

They are so useful. I am forever scalding my fingers with steam from the iron, not any more, these wonder finger guards mean that you can hold you fabrics safely whilst you are pressing them. Fantastic for hems, making bias binding and a zillion other uses.

These are they nicely protecting my fingers from the iron. I really do think that these are worth every penny, in fact you will be surprised how cheap they are when you look at the product on this page Prym Heat Proof Finger Guards

Prym Sleeve Ironing Board

A definite must have product is a sleeve Ironing Board. I honestly do not know how I would manage without mine. Great not only for sleeves but for pressing anything fiddly which will not fit around the end of your regular ironing board.

One of my pet hates is a crease down the centre of sleeves, so I always use my sleeve board when pressing sleeves of any garment,be it already made or work in progress.
A sleeve board will last you a lifetime so it is a good investment.Prym Sleeve Board

Sleeve Pressing Roll

Another piece of must have kit is a sleeve roll. Not just for sleeves either, they are used to put shape into your fabric and you would always use one in hard to reach places which would otherwise be impossible to press. Also used when pressing darts - place the dart over the sleeve roll to keep the shape in ( a Tailors Ham is also useful for keeping the 3D shape created in  fabric Tailors Ham )

Did you know that collars should never be pressed flat? Always place  them over the sleeve roll right side up. This will keep the shape in your collar.
Darts, princess seams and so on are there to give shape to an otherwise two dimensional fabric, so keep the shape in by always pressing over a sleeve roll.
Sleeve Pressing Roll

Also these pressing rulers help to fold the perfect hem. Highly recommended
Ironing rulers

These are my choices of pressing equipment . If you don't have any of them please give them serious consideration as there is no doubt whatsoever that  pressing is vital to attaining professional results.

All of these products are available from Jaycotts.co.uk. you can order online or by telephone and you can be sure of excellent customer service at all times.

The contact details at here Contact Jaycotts  or telephone them on 01244 394099 either to place your order or to ask for more details about any or their products. And do mention that you saw the product on the blog when you place your order.


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