I am Angela and I love to sew. I started sewing as a child and by the time I was a teenager I was wearing the very latest fashions to go out in. All me-made. I am passionate about reducing the amount of textiles sent to landfill, and encourage you to repurpose fabrics and clothes I started this blog in order to have a way in which to pass on my gained knowledge, and my professional knowledge to you, Sewing is empowering, you can save money by making items, make money by selling then, You can pass your knowledge on to others. What is there not to love? Interestingly I am a direct descendant of the Flemish weavers who came over to England in the 1300's. I find that fascinating especially as most of my family from as far back as I can trace are somehow involved in the manufacturing of fabric . . I have a degree in tailoring with a special interest in WW2 fashion.

Friday 14 April 2023

Butterick Sewing Pattern 6856 in linen Look cotton fabric


This Butterick top was made in this gorgeous cotton fabric from Minerva.com and can be purchased by clicking the link below highlighted in Blue 
Minerva Core Range Washed Vintage Linen Look Cotton Fabric  Minerva linen look cotton
I had intended to make this over  Easter but my lovely son "forgot" to tell me he was coming to stay. I was delighted of course and hastily converted my craft room into a bedroom. It was his birthday too.so it was a wonderful time 

Little Coco was overexcited, she is only a few weeks old and hadn't met Matthew before.

Anyway, back to sewing.
If you are a newbie then you may not want to go through all the prep but trust me on this, you need to do several things before putting sewing machine to fabric.
Firstly wash and press your fabric,I never skip this bit as fabrics can take you by surprise and shrink in the first wash.
While this is happening take your measurements and compare them to the measurements on the pattern envalope. I also check the finished size but this can involve a hunt as some pattern companies place them on the relevant tissue pieces, others put them somewhere on the envalope or the instructions. A cup of tea is welcome at this point.

Butterick Sewing Pattern 6856

Transfer your pattern markings onto your fabric and then iron on any interfacing.

It may take a couple of days to do all this prep but now sewing the garment can be carried out easily and quickly. One final point is to press each seam as you sew it. It makes the difference between a homemade garment and a Handmade, bespoke garment. It is far better to spend time before sewing to get everything done and will save time in having to make alterations or wondering which is the right side of the fabric.
Well, I shall get on with sewing it then I can wear it.

The pattern is fairly straightforward but in one or two places it left me to figure out which way round some of the bands were meant to be sewn. Studying the diagrams recommended.

I spent ages top stitching the entire garment but it took the blouse from the very casual look I wanted to something a whole lot smarter. So I spent an evening unpicking all the top stitching, maybe it was an unnecessary thing to do but I wanted to stay true to when and where I wanted to be able to wear it.
The altered sleeves are successful, one of the photos shows how I did it.
I shall wear this again and again, it's perfect.