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Friday 7 January 2022

The Avid Seamstress A-line Dress

 I love this pattern so much. The bodice is nicely fitted and the A-line skirt adds a bit of swing when you walk . This is such a love!y dress which I know I will wear time and time again.

Do spend time on fitting the bodice as it is a massively important feature, and it will draw the eye in a bad way if it is Ill fitting.

The fabric is Cotton jersey stretch fabric in Blue  it is also available in two other colours which are shown on this link.

I love the woodland scene on this fabric. It is nice to find a gorgeous print for adults don't you think?

The pattern comes with a lovely booklet which gives all the instructions you need to create this garment. These pages for example are showing how to put the zip in. The. Instructions are simple to follow and very comprehensive

I do recommend that you test the bodice part of the dress at the very least. I found that the neckline gaped . For me this was easily solved by removing excess fabric by  raising the shoulder seam. .
I also recommend that you use a seam tape or at the least a stay stitch to prevent the neckline from stretching out of shape.

I understitched the facing in order to prevent it from turning out during wear 

The front facing is very clever in that it extends to the waist and is therefore held in place when stitching the bodice to the skirt.

It really is worth spending time fitting the bodice. Do check the waist too, I found it a little tight so I added extra seam allowances on the bodice side seams.

Do check the back view too. If you have a hollow back you may find some wrinkles across the lower back. This is solved by dipping the skirt centre back a little to create a bit extra room 

Shown here seated . It is very comfortable when sitting for long periods 

This is my perfect style of dress. I lengthened the sleeves slightly and  I shall wear it with a jacket to add warmth  when it's a bit chilly but when I still want to wear something nice.

Have you looked at the other colour options on the website?  They are all beautiful and all feature the same woodland scene.

I do hope that you make this dress, or if not the fabric can be made into countless other garments and is soft enough for pyjamas for yourself , girls or boys . What will you make I wonder?

Thank you to Minerva.com for gifting me this fabric.

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