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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Embroidery machines do so much more than you can imagine

 In The Hoop Embroidery 

From Sweet Pea Machine Embroideryc

I have talked about machine embroidery before but as I use my machine such a lot, I wanted to share some of my latest projects with you. 

There are more ideas on Machine Embdoidery ideas so do take a look to see what else an embroidery machine can do. 

The designs are far removed from the traditional embroidery designs in that they are dimensional and the entire piece is completed In The Hoop - Backing,  wadding,and zips included!

If you  visit their website from the link above you will be able to view the catalogue of designs available to purchase. They are not at all expensive. They also have a gorgeous range of fabrics and their own range of thread which I am coveting. 

The designs are mostly applique with added Embroidery which are built up gradually starting with wadding and ending with the backing.

The first step is to insert stabiliser into your Hoop. I used Gunold from Jaycotts.co.uk There are other stabilisers available Embroidery Stabiliser from Jaycotts
I replaced all of my machine tools with just the one tool, The Multi- purpose Screwdriver by Brother 
It replaced all the small tools which come with your Brother machine and is far less fiddly to use.

Once your design is chosen and paid for on SweetPea website it needs to be downloaded and put onto a memory stick.  Full instructions are given on how to do this.
There are different sizes to choose from.
The memory stick is then inserted into the machine and the icon in the bottom right of the machine display is pressed which opens your memory stick. 

You will see a picture of your downloaded items on the screen so just touch the one you want. 

You are presented with a diagram of your chosen design, this is the screen where you would make any adjustments but just carry on until you reach the final screen to start the embroidery.

The first step is usually to sew the batting down and then trim it close to the stitches. To avoid accidentally cutting into your backing i recommend these Duck Billed Scissors

Then the background fabric is stitched in place . The instructions which come with the download are very comprehensive and go through each step thoroughly. 

It is actually very soothing and fascinating watching the machine produce the design. All you need to is to keep an eye on it in case the thread snaps and you will need to change threads.
The wonderful thing is that you can choose your own colour scheme, picking threads and fabrics to suit your own taste.

This is part of the design being sewn in place. The hoop is then removed and the fabric trimmed before it is embroidered into place

This is one of the designs I picked. It is a Mug Rug or table mat in a cute design. This is for my cup of tea in my sewing room.
This design is found in the Mug Rugs and Coasters section on the Sweet Pea website Mug rugs and. Coasters

Fascinating  isn't it.

I made table runners too, this spring design is now on my coffee table

And the smaller one is on my dining table these can be found in the table runner section Table runners

More Mug rugs

Still more mug rugs, I have them everywhere,  they do wash easily so please do use them and not leave them just as decorative items

This is my adorable sewing mat. 

More people mug rugs. I also use them for plants and ornaments. 

My winter coffee table runner

A cushion which lives on my bed. There are some lovely cushion and pin cushion designs Cushions

The runner on my coffee table

My sewing table

My next project will be this tote ba There are lots of beautiful  bags to choose from and I can't wait to make this one
The only problem will be deciding on a colour scheme!

The other things I will be making will be these coasters for my son who has just moved into his new home

And I am also making this for him, as it will remind him of trips he has been on. I will choose the colours from one of his photographs 

The designs come with options to choose various sizes, this depends on the size of the hoop you use.
You can just about make out some ordinary machine embroidery on my pillowcases 

Different effects are produced dependant on colours chosen. 

This  Cupcake collection is on my blog. This is still a sweet pea design but this time the CD was purchased from Jaycotts Embroidery software  there are three designs in this section plus normal embroidery designs.

There are other posts on my blog about machine embroidery,  including  the Cupcakes pictured above. So if you are new to this fascinating hobby or want more ideas then look at these posts 

Do watch my YouTube video. If it does not play instantly then the link is My YouTube video

Thank you for reading this post. If you own an embroidery machine already the Sweet Pea designs are available for most makes of machine and they will certainly add to your repertoire. 
If you do not already own an embroidery machine then do think about one, and do  telephone Jaycotts on 01244 394099 to discuss options.
During this awful pandemic we all need things to occupy ourselves, doing this embroidery which looks lovely in my home is certainly giving me a lot of pleasure 

Stay Safe


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