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Saturday 24 April 2021

My green floral Jersey Dre ss

 This beautiful dress is also on the Minerva.com website and isn't it fabulous

I feel like a goddess in it .  View the full post on my page on their website too, the link is 

My green Goddess dress

The #BLACK FRIDAY SALE CONTINUES AT Black Friday sale at Minerva

This beautiful green Viscose Jersey can be purchased on Viscose Jersey Fabric

The  pattern is New Look 6635

I think this fabric is amazing. It is such a gorgeous
colour and the weight of the fabric gives great movement when you walk.
I was intending to use a different pattern to the one I chose, I changed my mind because the original pattern I had in mind is rather fussy so I chose something with fewer seams and less detail as quite honestly this fabric speaks for itself.
When I was doing a fitting I realised that I did not need a zip so I omitted it. Do take care if you copy this, you do need to get your garment on and off easily.
Another thing I realised is that this fabric has a good stretch and weight and that it would need support at the neckline. To achieve this I used iron on seam interfacing all around the neckline and the shoulder seams.
Have you ever wondered why people bother to allow their garment to hang overnight? If you look at the photograph above you can see how uneven the hem is.this is because although the pattern pieces are placed on the straight grain inevitably the curve of the pattern pieces means that part of the bottom of this dress is on the straight grain, part is on the Bias and everything in-between! It is inevitable therefore that the fabric will drop unevenly.
To avoid an uneven hem I let the dress hang for two nights before pinning the hem. i then pinned it up and left it for another night to make sure that it did not drop any more.
I also found a walking foot useful.
I am thoroughly delighted with this beautiful fabric and when I fried the dress on for the final photographs I didn't take it off!

Thank you for reading this post

You can read more and find links to the fabric and pattern on this link My Green Jersey Dress

Finally , do you know why a stretch garment needs to hang overnight? 

Do watch this YouTube video

Do please read the post, this fabric comes in three colours in all and it is really special to wear



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