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Thursday, 6 December 2018

How to sew Knit Fabrics

A Jaycotts post

Sewing with stretch fabrics, using the differential feed dial on your overlocker, and using a walking foot.

Stretch fabrics - used for sportswear in the program - are featured in the GBSB 2019

I have not covered how to sew with Knit and stretch fabrics for a while so I want to show you how I work with these sometimes tricky to sew fabrics.
There will be two garments in this post and another post will follow shortly. I also want to talk a little bit about overlockers and how to make the necessary adjustments to your settings for sewing lightweight knits
In the second half of the post I want to talk to you about the differential feed function on your overlocker if you have one.

NB not everyone has an overlocker. In this case I recommend using Mettler Seraflock
 This is a stretch thread and you can sew knits with it using a straight stitch. Neaten your seams with a zigzag.

I have chosen two patterns, one very easy, and one slightly more challenging. There are plenty of other patterns which use stretch fabrics and I will be making up some more shortly.