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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Troubleshooting your Sewing Machine By

A Jaycotts Blog post by Alex Jaycott

I asked Jaycotts about troubleshooting Sewing machines as we all have problems from time to time and we don't always know where to start to sort it out.

This is their advice:


The biggest issue we encounter is mis-threading of the sewing machine 

Having sold and serviced sewing machines for over 30 years I can honestly say that the biggest headaches for customers are actually caused by mis- threading the sewing machine!

everyone does it from time to time whether beginner or expert, novice or sewing teacher 

What do you mean by that Alex, what should we be doing?  Angela


Well , it is important to thread the machine  exactly as shown in your manual.For example  if someone miss-threads the take up lever, they usually don’t notice it and when the machine jams it looks as if the problem is the bobbin area  - when in fact it isn’t

So I guess my point should be that if you have an issue, the first thing to try is: re do your upper thread, taking care that the thread goes right into the take up lever. Incorrect threading can cause the machine to jam almost immediately.
If you  still have problems after that then go on to checking the bobbin area.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

How to sew Knit Fabrics

A Jaycotts post

Sewing with stretch fabrics, using the differential feed dial on your overlocker, and using a walking foot.

Stretch fabrics - used for sportswear in the program - are featured in the GBSB 2019

I have not covered how to sew with Knit and stretch fabrics for a while so I want to show you how I work with these sometimes tricky to sew fabrics.
There will be two garments in this post and another post will follow shortly. I also want to talk a little bit about overlockers and how to make the necessary adjustments to your settings for sewing lightweight knits
In the second half of the post I want to talk to you about the differential feed function on your overlocker if you have one.

NB not everyone has an overlocker. In this case I recommend using Mettler Seraflock
 This is a stretch thread and you can sew knits with it using a straight stitch. Neaten your seams with a zigzag.

I have chosen two patterns, one very easy, and one slightly more challenging. There are plenty of other patterns which use stretch fabrics and I will be making up some more shortly.