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Sunday 18 February 2018

The Personal Embroidery Design Software System for your Brother Embroidery Machine

Introducing the Brother PE Design 10 software 

Just suppose that you have had your Brother Embroidery Machine for a while now and you have been downloading additional Embroidery patterns from the internet, and everything is going fine but where do you go from here?
You may want to create your own designs from a photograph or clip art, perhaps you want to add lettering to a design and create your own logo, with this software you can do all that plus add colours, change colours, change hoop size, arrange several patterns to make one design and much more 
If this appeals to you then this software is for you.

The software is easy to install and there are full instillation instructions in the box with step by step pictures showing each stage. You cannot go wrong.

The software is actually run by  a Key and you need to keep it safe as it is needed every time you use the software. You will be unable to use the software installed on your computer if this key is not plugged into a USB port. 

 Assuming you have installed the software and opened the system with the key you will see the Startup Wizard. This screen enables you to choose your hoop size and fabric type which is the part I always start with.  It shows the design you previously worked on and much more besides
You may also want to go directly to a template which is quickly accessed from here.
I find it so useful to start here as it makes everything simple, and by choosing my hoop size now it saves trying to work out which size hoop you need later.

I do love the fact that the instruction manual can be accessed very easily from the main screen and it opens in a new window so that you do not lose the work in progress.

 For example I wanted to know how to centre my design and the answer came up immediately in a simple to understand diagram.

The project I wanted to work on first was a logo that I could embroider onto a garment to be worn if I am giving a sewing class or similar event.
First I needed to find a picture. There are plenty within the design software itself or you can download from the internet or use a disc or pen drive. Another option is to convert a photograph or clip art into embroidery.

I have quite a few designs of Angels saved into my computer so I wanted to try a few of them to see which I liked best.
This one was easily transferred from my computer onto the design page by selecting it in the import pane and dragging it onto my grid.
I then entered some text, just my name in this instance and played around with colours fonts and sizes . That's the best way to learn incidentally, by playing around with various designs until you achieve something which pleases you.

This is my first design and although I do not want to embroider it yet or choose it as my logo I do want to save it.
There are two choices and you can choose either or both. In this photo I am saving the design to my computer by clicking on "Save As" and choosing a file which I had already created on my desktop.


The other option is to choose "Send Embroidery Design" and choose your USB stick.
The USB stick can then be inserted into your embroidery machine ready for stitching

This is one of the designs I finally decided on. I wanted the design quite small so ensured that I chose the 4x4 hoop size in the start up whizard.
I also need to mention that there is a sewing order pane where you can easily adjust the sewing order so that the number of thread changes is minimised .
There is also a stitch view or realistic view to see how the finished pattern will appear and you can actually watch as the machine simulates the actual embroidery.

You cannot use your PE Design key in your embroidery machine so you will need a USB stick. I use a normal one with a large memory to store a copy of all my designs on and the fun scissors one to transfer just one or two designs into my machine.

This is the first logo embroidered. I also added a border as you can see. As this is only a practice logo I wasn't too worried about the colours, they can easily be changed according to the colour of the garment it is to be embroidered onto. There are some changes to be made before I embroider it for real but doing a test run, for me, is very useful.

This is another little logo which I came across and saved into my embroidery file.

I am doing another logo. This time starting with the text. There are a lot of text design patterns to choose from and a huge library of fonts.

This is one of my Angel designs I have in my folder and again I saved the design into my computer file in case I want it in future

I quite liked this one though and I wanted to see what it looks like embroidered so I transferred it to my memory stick and into my machine.

And this is my finished design. It is clear to see that the lettering needs centering and it will need a border, so I am going back into the design to make these alterations before I use it properly.
When I practice my embroidery I use my sheets, pillowcases and table wear! I don't see the point of doing all that work and just discard it, so now my linen is covered in random embroidery which I actually love.

My embroidery machine is the Brother Innov-is 800e so do contact Jaycotts for the latest prices and to discuss other embroidery or embroidery / sewing machines combined.

There is a whole lot more that I can tell you about this incredible software but the best thing for you to do is to try it for yourself. You can flip and duplicate patterns to make large designs and you can create your own shapes, changing the sewing direction whenever you want to. In this way you can create your own unique designs.
I could talk forever about the benefits of this software It really adds a lot to the value you will gain from your machine.

The product information from Brother is;-

Embroider, Embellish, Enjoy
Expand your creative possibilities and streamline your design work with the new PE-DESIGN® 10 Embroidery Design Software. PE-DESIGN® 10 truly is the "Perfect 10" of embroidery software, with new and enhanced features for everyone - from the hobbyist to the home business entrepreneur.

• 130 built-in fonts
• Easy user interface
• New functions (chain stitches, net fill stitches, multiple stitch direction and more)
• Over 1000 built-in designs
• See design previews in Windows Explorer  
• Intelligent colour sort
• Enhanced photo stitch quality
• Enhanced Applique wizard
• Enhanced Split stitch tool

This incredible The Brother PE Design 10 Embroidery Software is available from Jaycotts Telephone them on 01244 394099 for more information.

Or you can fill in the Contact Jaycotts form or call in of course.

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