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Thursday 2 November 2017

A review of the Horn Nova Sewing Machine Cabinet from Jaycotts.co.uk


I used to long for my own sewing room,and when my son left home there was my opportunity. Of course he still comes home as much as he possibly can but he is a busy man and that does not happen as much as I would like.
As I now have his room for most of the year I decided to purchase a Horn sewing cabinet so that I am able to tidy everything away neatly when I have finished sewing.

My sewing table was a rickety, very old small square table and the legs kept having to be fixed back on. I also had to keep swapping my chair from one side to the other whenever I wanted to change from overlocker to machine and back again.
It was he who suggested the  table had to go and be replaced with something "proper"

Well, there was not much thought went into ordering this beauty.Yes they are not cheap but just look how elegant and beautiful it looks.Of course I needed the chair as well!

Watch my you tube video showing how easy and quick it is to set up

This is the beautiful Horn Nova sewing cabinet Horn Nova from Jaycotts.co.uk
It actually takes up a lot less space than my old sewing table .

When choosing your cabinet think about what you will use it for and which room it will be used in.Mine is in a specific  space, but you may have to keep yours in the living room so the great news is they come in various finishes.I chose Light Oak.
The cabinet folds away neatly when not in use so it will not look out of  place in any room.

 I measured the space I had available in my sewing room and made sure that  the cabinet I chose was the correct size both open and closed. Each cabinet has its dimensions on the description and it is vital to ensure that the one you order will have enough space to be opened fully.
It was important to me that the cabinet I chose had space for my overlocker, and that was another reason for purchasing a hobby chair too. I do not need to change position to switch from sewing machine to overlocker, I just swivel my chair! If you do not own an overlocker at the moment you may do in the future so I would choose the largest size I  could afford. The extra space is useful for working on too.
There is a lot of storage space in the doors, and more on the top where you can easily store your extra machine feet, bobbins and so on.


The overlocker I have is the Brother 1034d Brother 1034d Overlocker  I do recommend it as it is so very easy to use and even comes with a DVD to get you started.It is a very good price and comes with lots of extras so do take a look if you are thinking of buying one.They do make a difference to how the inside of your garment looks. This one is very quick and easy to thread too.

You will notice that there is a shelf to store your overlocker on and a deep drawer underneath. I am storing my overlocker thread and accessories n the drawer but you could easily use it to store patterns or work in progress instead.

This is the Horn Hobby chair Horn Hobby chair It comes in a choice of colours and is fully adjustable. Forget your old office chair, this one is wider, has plenty of back support and is extremely comfortable for long sewing sessions.
All Horn furniture comes assembled but they do come and fit your machine into the cabinet so when you order yours you need to specify which machine you use.
There is an easy glide action so that your machine pushes away when you have finished using it and glides effortlessly into place when you want to use it.There are two sewing positions ; flat bed and free arm.You can see in the photograph above that the machine has been pushed down nto the cabinet for storage.

My sewing machine is the amazing Bernina 350PE Bernina 350PE I absolutely love it.It is a sturdy no-fuss machine which gets the job done in double quick time.It has a large selection of  stitches to choose from including a large selection of embroidery stitches and utility stitches.It is dependable, and to be honest I think it is an awesome machine , I really love using it. If this is not what you fancy then do telephone Jaycotts and have a chat with them and they will help you to choose a machine t suit your needs and your budget.All the contact information is here Contact jaycotts.co.uk

As you can see there is plenty of room to spread your work out when sewing - for me that in itself is utter bliss! and when you are not using your overlocker the additional space can be used for your pattern instructions or your sewing equipment.

the top storage tray

I am thoroughly delighted with my Horn sewing cabinet, there are lots to choose from so do take a look Horn Sewing cabinets  Nothing else quite comes up to the high standard of finish, the cabinet is beautifully made. It is sheer pleasure to go into my sewing room an in a minute or so have everything in place ready for use. Just as good is the fact that everything folds away tidily and quickly after use.

Watch this you tube video showing you the inside in more detail 

I just wish that I could train myself to throw loose bits of thread into the bin  instead of onto the floor!

storage in the door recess

When you have finished sewing your sewing machine pushes down into the space behind the door and your overlocker sits nicely on its own shelf.

 With the addition of my Embroidery machine I needed extra sewing space. To solve this problem I obtained a clear insert to replace the shaped insert which is used when the machine is in the sewing position.
This insert can be ordered by contacting Jaycotts on the link below

I now have plenty of room for my embroidery machine and I am still able to sit very comfortably with my sewing machine in the down position.
The Horn cabinet range is amazing, and so versatile. I love them too because they come in lots of different finishes to match your existing furniture.

Do take a look at the fabulous selection of goodies on the jaycotts web site.jaycotts.co.uk and while you are there look at their special offers and look at the blog. It is easy to sign up for the news letter too so that you are the first to hear about special offers and competitions.

My thanks go to the team at Jaycotts for their outstanding service to me over the past 20 years and more.

Please also read this blog post My review of the brother Innov-is NV 800E as it shows more options and accessories available from Jaycotts

Happy sewing