Saturday, 10 September 2016

This is how I altered a coat pattern to make a simple raincoat.

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I have wanted to make myself a cheery raincoat for a very long time but just could not find a pattern. In the end , determined to have my raincoat, I did some rather major alterations to an ordinary coat pattern. The pattern has princess seams which would have spoiled the rather beautiful pattern,  so they needed eliminating,  as did some of the shaping because I wanted a straight style. Do you want to make one too? There are some things you need to bear in mind,  but it's not that difficult I promise.

This is the finished coat.  I used a ripstop fabric in a very colorfully print called Ellies. I purchased it from but do sadly this was the last piece. However I never like to dictate to you exactly what fabric you should use, we all have very different tastes. What you  need to look out for though is a RIP-STOP fabric or a showerproofed cotton. For the linings I chose a firm shot taffeta. With the raincoat outer being quite firm it called for a stiffer lining than normal. I chose a darker colour than my  main  fabric.

And yes, the rather cute 60s style fabric does have elephant's on it!

This is the pattern, it is Mccalls M7058 and you can buy it from  by clicking on this link  Mccalls M7058 at
It is a lovely pattern with lots of variations to choose from. I wanted the style which has the hood, and as I bought the last of this roll of fabric there was only enough to make the mid-length version. Which was what I wanted anyway!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How I made my Autumn Leaves velvet cord Jacket - a MCBN POST

How to make a jacket in velvet corduroy 

I love jackets and I especially love this one. Why? Because it is made out of the most deliciously soft and cuddly velvet cord from
It is perfect for Autumn as the print is beautiful autumn leaves in a very easy to wear green. It will go with most things and will be a great all-occasion jacket for the cooler days ahead.

It was very nearly a disaster though, so if you want to find out more, including details of the pattern and fabric do take a look at Minerva Crafts Blogger Network where you will find my full tutorial.

So, what are you waiting for? Here is the link to the full post, it's worth a read I promise you, oh, and do please leave me a comment.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

HOW TO MAKE A STUNNING SATIN DRESS A Minerva Craft Blogger Network post

A Butterick pattern

You may be surprised to learn that the beautiful dress below, which I have just made for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network is exactly the same pattern as the one I made previously in Orange Linen. For this version I lengthened the skirt and sleeves and made a tie belt to tie in a bow at the front.

Patterns are expensive and when I have found one I like I feel that I need to get full value out of it by using it again as often as possible.

 I vary the design a lot as you can see from the pictures, and I would be surprised if you realised at first that these two very different dresses are from the same pattern! Both are lovely in their own way.