My Dolls House -The Angelic Mansion, Tea Room and Beach Hut

My dolls house ( The sewAngelic Mansion)

Tea house 

Beach House

I keep being asked for photographs of my Houses so this page is dedicated to them.
I will add new pictures as and when with the newest ones at the top.
If like me you have Parkinsons then please don't give up. Somehow I manage to keep my main blog up to date and enjoy making things for my dolls house too. Yes it is not always easy but whoever said that it would be, 
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We are now into December 2021 and I can't put my Christmas decorations up because I am still waiting for building work,redecoration  and new carpets. 

Meanwhile all goes on as normal in the dolls house. It has been redecorated during the lockdown and Christmas decorations are starting to go up.

This week I have been thinking about how I can introduce more rooms and I an thinking about adding a basement. 

Meanwhile I made a minor change and partitioned the attic to divide the sewing room and Alice's bedroom -who is now homeschooling 


The layout of the mansion BEFORE

The sewing room

This is Alice's  bedroom. , she has her christmas stocking all ready.

Can you see somebody?

The conservatory table is set and a side table holds Christmas cakes and some cards

A birds eye  view of the conservatory 

Decorations  are up in the conservatory  and the cat is ignoring it all and sat quietly washing himself

Santa is sat with his list and is sorting presents out. There is no naughty list this year so his job is a little easier


It's now May 2020 and we are in the middle of the pandemic.

I can't go out so I have redecorated the Dolls house and Beach hut. Here are the new photos 

I really should name my dolls but I can never remember what I named them. This looks like she should be a Vivienne , so I hope I remember. She's off out to do her shopping with her bicycle  whilst on her hour a days exercise.

These are all the rooms . The only room I did not redecorate is the bedroom because it's lovely as it is.

The Attic contains the sewing room plus Alice's bedroom

New Paris wallpaper and a good tidy up improves Angela's sewing room

With the lights switched on

Alice has a new dress and is learning to play Euphonium.

This is Annie's bedroom, apart from the addition of a working lamp, nothing has altered

Ginger the cat is very comfortable

A closer view of the wardrobe with a pink ball gown hung on the side and a clean white nightgown is waiting for bedtime

Notice the boxes of shoes in the wardrobe, the linen on the shelves and boxes of lingerie

Onto the bathroom and new wallpaper adds a nice feature. New light grey floor covering too. The bath is all ready and waiting

 I love the tiny toothbrushes don't you

Lots of toiletries, bath salts, bath brush face towels in a basket , toothpaste and scented candles.
On the shelves are towels and toilet rolls

The lounge where grandma likes to watch an old television, and father reads his paper is totally transformed . New wallpaper New clock and a new standard lamp - which does work - among other things

A new lighter carpet and a rug brightens the room

The writing desk drawer is open just enough to see the corner of a passport .There is a notebook and pencil plus a lovely old telephone and a modern smartphone.

The kitchen is completely different. The window has been taken out and the room redecorated.

The kitchen has had a refit and there is a brand new fridge freezer and new dining chairs.

 A basket of vegetables sits under a dresser

A washing machine is tucked away under the stairs
The table is set for breakfast

Do click to see more. If you want to know how to make something  just ask 

The Tea House has had to temporarily close down so at the moment it is being used as the family dining room

 The table is set for afternoon tea.

A lot of the cafe fittings have been removed and there is new wallpaper, lighting and a new carpet.

The beach house too has undergone refurbishment.
The shop has gone and it now has an outdoor pool and serves beer  and food.

A bird's eye view of the surrounding area

The little girl is playing with her dog. Notice the bird in its cage

Drinking beer whilst relaxing with books and newspapers

The outdoor sink has been plumbed in and the water pump is now not needed to fill the sink.
The bird cage is now in full view

Inside the beach hut , new wallpaper and carpet
Also a new table and a refurbished dresser
I made the quirky sea inspired ornaments

I painted the pictures myself by the way . Love the copper kettle

 Sophie is the new manager

 The outside loo is just the same, but I do love it.

I especially love the newspaper.

And that's it. New wallpapers , carpets take long enough to do, but I made a lot of other things too! 

It's really absorbing!


Just made a valentine cake and card. 5p coin for scale which is 1/12 

Grandma and Alice enjoying afternoon tea at the Tea House 

Grandma and Alice enjoying time together

Latest pictures of the Beach Hut January 2020. 

I added a paddling pool made from a 3D photo frame. The cyclist is wearing a bathing costume with a wrap to cover it.

This is the house as it is at the moment - December 2019.
It has a tea house to the side.

The roof opens to reveal the attic rooms, with Alice's bedroom and The Angelic Sewing room

This is with all the doors open so that you can see the layout

Nana's Tea House

Looking down into the tea room. All the food you can see was made by me from Polymer clay

The food cabinets are full of more sandwiches and cakes

As well as tea the cafe has wine of you fancy a glass.

The sewing room is always busy, note the cupboard full of clothes

What does a sewing room need the most? A cat and tea and cake in my sewing room.

Lots of activities in action

A mannequin and storage for fabric and thread, and two bespoke umbrellas.

Now that Christmas is over the family have bought a new suite for the lounge. Jan 2020

Grandma has let her hair grow wild, she needs a haircut!

The telephone table with notebook and pencil and passport 

There is also a new modern fridge freezer in the kitchen

Mint green is the latest colour for fridge freezers 

Christmas is almost here and Santa is visiting to leave gifts for the adults. He will be back with the children's gifts on Christmas Eve of course

Alice is hanging her stocking in eager anticipation

The Tea House is ready too, with a tempting display of Christmas cakes.
Notice the handmade cards. The tablecloth is made from a 1/12 scale Christmas design which I printed onto white cotton fabric.

To give you an idea of the scale this is the display with a 5p coin for comparison.

Alice loves Alice in Wonderland and she is exploring the contents of her table

She has a new dolls house and a pretty dress is hung up ready for special occasions

She is so lucky to have such a lot of toys.

Lady Angela's bedroom is full of feminine fripperies. A Harris Tweed throw is casually placed on the end of the bed for chilly nights and a lawn nightgown hangs up on the wardrobe door.
There is a hairdryer and curlers for her to use too.

Next to her bed is a table with a lamp, alarm clock and book

Lady Angela is all set to go out with her pretty dress and shopping basket

The bathroom is stocked with toiletries and plenty of towels , there is a bath and a shower

Candles and tissues are very easy to make .

Toothbrushes hang over the sink

A lovely relaxing bathroom

In the kitchen breakfast is almost ready for the family.

There are some decorations up for Christmas

Another look at the well stocked kitchen

A close up lol at some of the breakfast food made from polymer clay.

I made the vase in the kitchen window which contains poinsettia by being  inspired by Fat Lava Pottery which I love 

Back in the sewing room a Mad Hatter style hat is being created for Alice

I love this room, the TV room is getting ready for Christmas

A tree and tiny gifts are beginning to appear

A close up of the little gifts I made

I love this room. It's rather dark but it adds to the atmosphere.
Note the old red phone with a mobile phone also on the table. A passport is peeking out of the drawer..

Father is resting with his paper and coffee and cake

A bowl of fruit ( polymer clay) is also on the coffee table
I love the old style television.

The christmas tree had been put up and gifts surround it

A close up of the hand made fruit

This is some Fat Lava pottery made from air drying clay. This originated in Germany and was very popular between 1949 and 1990!

I also have a Beach Hut. The tree is up, note the baby donkey investigating it.

The little girl Annie is playing with the dogs in her christmas hat.
Mother is reading a book. Blanket ready in case she gets cold

A birds eye view inside the beach hut.

Everything is handmade and I even did the pictures on the wall

the starfish on the wall the house with the pink roof and the yacht were all made from polymer clay

The painting was done by me using watercolour paint

The scene is being set for a lovely Christmas. father is playing Carols on his Euphonium and is wearing a festive hat

Mother and father look happy and content sat in the winter sunshine

The shop is still open selling essentials such as bread and cakes and so on, but also artwork by the local artist , windshields, towels sweeping brushes, beach balls and flags for the beach

The little girl Annie is so engrossed in playing with the dogs that she has not noticed Santa sat reading his paper in the outside convenience
You can just see see behind the blue rails  that there is is an outdoor sink and a water pump

And here he is!

This is the beach hut before the Christmas tree went up

I love this 1/12 scale wallpaper don't you

This is the outside convenience.  Notice the torn paper on a hook on the door, the newspaper inside, and  the toilet roll which you can just see, and the tiled floor

This beach hut is the first 1/12 scale house that I built and I must admit I have a great fondness for it

This is the beach hut under construction I found it easier to do most of the painting before  putting it all together. I did of course do a test run before taking it all apart for painting

This is the outdoor toilet in its bare wood condition before being sanded and decorated

These are the  watercolour paintings which I did to go inside the beach hut

These are some more items which I made - a blanket,  some tea lights ,a some canisters to hold tea and biscuits below you can see a red box of tissues which again I made

The latest edition to the doll's house , which is called the Angelic Mansion is actually Nana's tea house

The tea house was made from a conservatory kit and it contains display cabinets of all the lovely food available for afternoon tea.
 The table is already set with sandwiches ready for for.the first guests

These are some of of the sandwiches and cakes which I made from polymer clay
They are on on temporary plates as they were changed after baking

A selection of tea and cakes are available

For a celebration afternoon tea wine is available

A close up of one of the food cabinets, now has more food inside

Same with this one, more food has now been added

These are some new dresses made in the sewing room

A nightgown for Lady Angela

The dresses again

Detail in the sewing room

The house being built.  It takes a good couple of days to build that's all, longer if you decide to decorate first - which would have been easier

Use a good quality PVA wood glue

The house built

This is my Dad checking some measurements as Dad's do when daughters build a house all by themselves with no help

Dad again!