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Mission statement

Mission statement for #sewangelicthreads

#SewAngelicThreads is a blog in which I am passing on my extensive knowledge of sewing free of charge, making sewing available to all.

I do not get paid or earn any money from doing this -I do it because of my love of sewing.

My tutorials may be downloaded and kept. I give help by email or in person if possible.

I learned to sew as a child and studied tailoring at college when I was in my 30s.I have always made my own clothes and I want to pass years of accumulated knowledge on to others, but having no family members to teach decided on setting up a blog. I was not prepared for how successful this blog would become.
I also studied 1940's and 50's fashion for my degree

I am passionate about sewing our own clothes and it is my mission to get the world sewing. I am passionate too about not buying cheap throw-away garments which have been made by young girls - children- working in sweatshops for next to nothing when they should be receiving an education. These girls are making the cheap clothes which flood our shops and what do we do? -Wear them a couple of times and they end up on landfill sites. It's just all   wrong.
If you can sew too then please pass your knowledge on to others. A child who learns to sew will always be able to clothe herself and her family beautifully and cheaply. She will be able to upcycle old garments and she will be able to earn an income. I truly believe that sewing your own garments and household goods helps your mental health too as it keeps the brain active.

There is another reason for my blog, I have Parkinson's and I want to show that despite my
disability I can still achieve beautiful results.

Making your own clothes is totally satisfying. Once you learn the basics you will soon be
producing beautiful bespoke garments which fit you well and will last you a lifetime. It is
empowering to dress beautifully and even more so when somebody admired your dress and
you can proudly say “Thank you, I made it myself”

Thank you for reading this

I do accept small gifts from time to time but this is not necessary and not expected, so please do not feel obliged. 

I no longer write blogs for other people as my time is filled with what I already do.

I am unable to endorse your  sewing products, machines  and patterns if sell the same or similar product as I am totally loyal to them