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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

The Simple Sew Cocoon jacket in Felted coating fabric

 The Simple Sew Cocoon Jacket

The pattern describes this jacket as being chic and stylish and I cannot disagree with that statement

This pattern together with this utterly fantastic felted fabric from  Felted coating at  certainly makes a fashion statement 

Do follow the link above for lots of inspiration and ideas

I highly recommend that you make a test garment before cutting out your real fabric the reason for this is that this jacket is very very loose fitting and I must admit when I tried my test garment on my heart sank

I very nearly abandoned this pattern because I didn't think it would suit me but after much thought and consideration I decided but I would make the pattern fit me properly and I ended up with a garment which I love of and which is totally different to anything I normally wear
                              Snug and warm 

To start with I took 4 inches off the back seam. I did retain the shaping because I wanted it to remain a bucket shape the next thing I did was to create a seam at the back to mirror the front sleeve, this created a Raglan sleeve which suited me much better as it took much of the bulk out of the back, which was what I was struggling with

I cut my garment out in the smallest size possible and did the adjustments on the pattern before cutting out. After that it was plain sailing, the the back of fabric is beautiful it looks like a very soft fleece so is perfect for lining.  

The reverse 

The pattern suggests that you tack the front reveres down which is what I did because this is such a thick fabric that they kept popping up

The beauty of this garment is all in the fabric. it needed a simple shape to show it off to its best advantage and I think this pattern does the job perfectly

Thank YOU 

I would like to thank Minerva for this fantastic fabric and I will enjoy wearing this jacket immensely and I hope you many others will want to make one too.  There are several Bucket 6coat patterns on so do take a look 

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A useful cover up when going somewhere special