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Monday, 14 September 2020

The Jalie Bra

The Jalie Bra

What a strange world this is at the moment. One day life went on as normal but the next we couldn't go out, it was a struggle to purchase food and strangely, toilet rolls and life changed dramatically.
Some people have coped remarkably well, others not so much. Whatever our experience of this frightening virus one thing we can be certain of is that life will never be the same again.

Simple things such as what to wear when stuck indoors posed many problems ,I think most of us went through the Pyjama stage but it wasn't ideal. "Office wear" became a cross between lounge wear and casual. The one thing which women in their thousands did was to ditch structured underwired Bras for the comfort of softer Bralet's.
I was no exception and took to making my own and learning a new skill

The pattern I chose is The Jalie Bra which comes in all sizes and combinations from very small to more generous sizes so there will definitely be a size to fit your figure whatever it is.
 There is an option to make a camisole with shelf bra too.
The 17 different sizes are all explained on their website Jalie Bra and camisole pattern there are lots of videos too so there is lots of help out there.

The Kwik Sew pattern I will mention later

The Jalie Bra pattern

This bra is not difficult to make . It's more of a construction project - engineering with fabric. I find the process fascinating and absorbing. If you decide to have a go you might like to collect all the hardware and fastenings from old bras and use old t-shirts, that way you can experiment away and it not cost you anything.

The fabric I used was Scuba because it is soft and stretches well.
I lined it with Power-net for support

You only need the smallest amount of fabric

Scuba fabric

Power net

You also need the findings ,closures and elastics available from Jaycotts . Everything you need is described in the pattern .
Lingerie accessories

The paper pattern is massive and you need to trace off the pieces you need or fold and photocopy the pieces as I did.

I also copied the written instructions to make it easier to look at the diagrams at the same time.
By the way you can purchase this pattern in PDF format as well as ready printed

You need to take your measurements very carefully, they will differ from your regular bra size.
I made a test garment out of an old t-shirt and took the straps and fastenings off an old bra. This is a great way to test if your sizing is correct

The instructions are great and explain each step in great detail.this is the bra front made up and lined.
There is no underwire which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Top stitching around the cup provides the look of an underwired bra and also provides a bit of extra support.
You need to be using a needle for stretch fabrics by the way plus a small zigzag stitch throughout.

The front elastic went on easily. I used a folded lingerie elastic
The side elastic went on next. The instructions say not to stretch the elastic but when I make my next one I will be stretching it as I sew because the fit under the arm is a little loose.

The back elastic is actually part of the straps and I found it easy to sew in place, I just made a slight adjustment to the placing of it so that it perfectly matched my fastenings at the back.
The straps are threaded through circles stitched to the front and fastened by sewing a slider in place
so that the straps are adjustable.

The inside is fully lined with power net, alternative fabrics are given on the pattern envelope.

The low back is very flattering and comfortable.
This Bra is well within any sewers reach. Read through the instructions carefully and make sure that you make a test garment and you can't go wrong.
I am definitely going to be making more!

The Jalie Bra , on YouTube

The pyjamas and kimono I am wearing in this post  are on this link where you can find out how to make them

How to make luxury pyjamas by me #sewangelicthreads

I made several pairs and love wearing them

Remember the Kwik Sew pattern? I had some fabric left over from a project and as it is far too beautiful to waste I made a camisole. There was not even enough fabric to cut the front on the fold so I had to make a seam, but it was better than wasting it
.Vogue nightwear and lingerie

My new sewing room 

You probably know that I have had a fire in my building.I am fine thankfully but my lounge is badly water damaged and my bedroom suffered a bit too. I wasn't sleeping well at all

So, one weekend I decided to exchange rooms and sleep in what was the spare bedroom and sewing room.
After three days of dragging furniture about and getting rid of the spare bed I finally have a large sewing room and a lovely new bedroom.
I am particularly happy because my embroidery table now has a space of its own and I don't have to clear away my other machines to use it.

All of my sewing equipment is from Jaycotts Jaycotts web site and it is certainly worth checking the site often as there are frequently special offers you really would not like to miss and of course new products are being introduced all the time.

Jaycotts are coping admirably during this dreadful time and I would like to tell you that this year their family business is 100 years old! Now that is something worth celabrating!   Do say Happy Birthday when you ring to place an order or with an enquiry

My Brother sewing machine and overlocker sit beautifully on top of my Horn cabinet - all from Jaycotts., They are in front of the window where the light is good and where I can look at the sky.

And of course every room needs a friend in it, so one of my bears lives in here to keep me company

Finally I decorated my bedroom and feel totally at home in my brand new room.

Thank you for reading this post.

You can contact Jaycotts on 01244 394099 don't forget to mention that you saw this post and to wish them a happy birthday