Friday, 5 June 2020

How to make NO - SEW face coverings.

Face coverings for people who do not sew.

We are required to wear face coverings more and more but not all of us can sew, so what can we do to make ourselves a face covering - without spending any money.


  • These are not medical grade and can only HELP to contain the virus not prevent us from catching it.
  • They must be washed after every use
  • Do not touch them when in place
  • Wash your hands after removing them.

I made a YouTube video and this is the easiest place to start when finding out how to make your own

I have been making these which do require sewing and interfacings etc. I am not going to demonstrate how to make them as there are lots of tutorials online

This no - sew version complies with the new regulations regarding wearing face coverings in some situations. They are easy to make and each will take less than five minutes.

Source a piece of cotton jersey fabric from a t- shirt, leggings or a leftover scrap.
Cut it to about 10" X  8-9" with the stretchiest direction going across .that is the width needs to be the widest measurement and it needs to stretch to fit your face.

You could also use a pair of leggings by cutting a piece out of a leg.
Cut it down one seam to open it out

You could also use a T-shirt

Fold it bottom to top (this will be the finished size as the fabric is doubled)
Then fold it in half again , bottom to top and cut a slit about 1" from the edges and stopping an inch before the edge.

Unfold once and you should now have a piece of fabric which is double and with holes to fit around your ears.
Try for size

Cutting the slots for the ears

This is what it looks like
If you can sew you can if you want to neaten the cut edge but there is no need.
To add a bit more protection you could place a tissue inside the covering

So there we have it. Very simple, free, does the job and everyone can make them!
Don't forget to read the disclaimer again at the top of the post and the video shows exactly what to do, so please watch that too.

Stay safe.