Thursday, 4 July 2019

Make a fabulous onesie for an 18" teenage doll

Make a super-cute onesie for your 18" doll

What a fantastic little outfit this is . The pattern  is Kwik Sew 3966 available from

Dolls costume pattern and you can make a cat, a Puppy or a Bear.They are so incredibly cute!

One of these outfits would make a fabulous gift for a little girls doll

The fabric I bought is a cuddle fleece
Just look at these fabrics! Gorgous !!!Cuddle fleece fabric

 A word of warning, cuddle fleece is simply gorgeous but it sheds fibres everywhere so you will need your vacuum cleaner and a clothes brush handy!
If this is intended  for a very young child then I would chose a polar fleece or similar, which doesn't shed so much. And you do need to  overlock or overedge every single raw edge or there will be bits everywhere when the toy is played with.

The pattern back shows all the various options and fabric requirements. You only need a small amount of fabric. And a tiny amount of feece or even felt for the paws and so on..

Cut the pieces out with any patter running lengthways down the pattern pieces

pin in place and cut out carefully. Dont  cut around the notches on this fabric. Mark them on the wrong side afterwards with a marker pen.

There are some pieces which need cutting out in a contrast, this is a piece of leftover fleece from anther project.

Mark all the notches and other markings with an air removable pen on the wrong side. Marker pens are available from Jaycotts Have a look at these pages,there are lots of marking tools available
Marking tools and pens

stitch the fronts together and finish the seam

continue following the very easy instructions to add the tail to the back.

join the sleeves to the front and backs.Please note this is avery good time to finish the sleeve edges. It is tricky if you  leave it to the end.

 i used my Walking foot  to stop the fabric from sliding about. There is one for your machine on this link WALKING FEET

 when it came to attaching the claws and inner ear i found it easier to see what I was doing by using my open toe embroidery foot  To keep them in lace whilst sewing I used a temporary spray adhesive.

This is the back finished. All that needs doing is to stitch on some velcro to close the back with

 And this is the front. Make up the mittens, stitching the claws on first, then finishing the edge before sewing the fronts and backs together

This is so cute, you must agree? The other versions of this  costume are equally nice too

I think any girl would be delighted with this outfit for her doll, especially if she had one herself to match it.

I hope that you will have a go at making this, it is nt difficult and you only need small amounts of fabric.

Thank you for reading this.I would love your comments and photographs.

Best wishes


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