Saturday, 4 May 2019

Updating a Doll's House - first steps

Changing faces - converting an unloved Dolls House into something to really enjoy.

I acquired a tired, sad, unloved dolls house earlier this year and I have never been so excited for ages!
I have never had one before, so I am very much a beginner, and it is all a huge - but enjoyable learning curve.

This is the original uninspiring and very pink child's dolls house.

I removed the shutters, papered the roof and window sills and painted the door .
I found some greenery lengths in a craft shop and added them to the front and sides.

I printed a sort of stained glass effect pattern onto some photography paper and coloured a few of the shapes in with felt tip pens.
Then I came across some more lengths of plants in the craft store and added flowers to the outside too, I do like trailing plants.

You will get through an awful lot of glue by the way. I use a good paper glue, super-glue, a strong general adhesive and double sided tape.
I also find match-pots of paint very useful when repurposing things into items of furniture.

The areas I am currently working on are the sewing attic and the bedroom.

It is surprising what you can make sewing items out of!

Five one inch squares of ready cut wood make boxes to hold bobbins ( made from  pin tacks with the pin part removed, with fine ribbon glued on )
And rolls of fabric glued around small pieces of straws make fabric rolls.

I oringinally had a striped wallpaper on the back wall but changed it to a brick effect.
The sofa is made from cut up washing up sponges covered with glued on fabric.
The cushions are circles of fabric gathered over a pinch of wadding material.

A screen is made from lolly sticks and fabric. The shelf unit is filled with folded pieces of fabric and balls of wool. The wool is made by taking wide holed beads and covering them by going around them with a large needle filled with embroidery thread. A small piece of colored paper makes the ball band.

A tiny garment rail holds an equally tiny blouse.
The garment and curtain rails are made very simply by gluing beads onto the ends of a cut to size wooden chop stick after first attaching the curtains and then gluing them to the walls.

A coffee table made from a small painted box holds a pattern catalogue and book which were simply made and which do open. The carrier bags were from templates which I came across. Do make sure if you download anything you have permission to use them, some you are not allowed to.
The chair is again made from sponges and fabric.

The chest of drawers holds various bits of "linen" - cut from a lawn handkerchief.
The perfume (or body lotion ) bottles I made from jewellery odds and ends.
I bought the brush comb and mirror quite cheaply.

The wardrobe also contains linen and I made two little dresses to hang up. A hat hangs on the wall on a peg made from a wooden pin again. A mirror is glued to the wall.

A close up of the wardrobe interior.

For the bed I made a mattress from a thin sponge covered with white Calico. I made a long pillow the same way. Bed linen is made from lawn handkerchiefs, wide lace and I made a duvet and a small cushion from a double quilted fabric which I edged with lace.
The bedside table is made from an aerosol lid covered in fabric and lace. I made the book and purchased the lamp and clock.

The handbag is made from felt and the shoe boxes I made from cardboard.
The otoman is a painted box topped with a cushion.

The rug is crocheted.

There is a dress on the bed waiting for the lady of the house to get changed

I really love this little room don't you?

These are some items I have been making for other rooms when I get round to decorating them. The rug is woven from ribbons which I stitched onto a felt backing.
A tea set and box of chocolates are on hand ready for their final home
Boxes of Lego await children's hands.

More items awaiting placing in their correct home

This will be the kitchen eventually,I made some food boxes already. I do love making plants - they are so simple! I paint a lid from a tube of some sort with nail varnish and when it is dry I add greenery and flowers if wanted and glue them in place.

So, this is a very quick tour. It's not meant to be a rushed project rather it is one to take time with and enjoy.
Dolls house accessories are expensive but there are lots of tutorials on line showing how to make lots of different items. Actually, making things myself is far more interesting and fun.
If you get the opportunity to decorate a doll's house do accept it. It is fun but it is also good for your brain and great for keeping your fingers nimble.

Do share your dolls house  photographs, I would love to see your ideas.


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Sandra Parker said...

WOW! I'm so impressed with your crafting abilities! The dollhouse looks great and I love how you describe what you have added/done with the accessories. Looking forward to more pics...