Monday, 29 April 2019

Single? Disabled? Of a certain age? Don't let these define you and other random thoughts

Not quite sewing.

I decided to interspace my sewing blogs with random lifestyle and other posts, mainly because I have a lot to say on a lot of subjects!
If you don't like these musings then don't hesitate to skip them and go straight back to sewing.

I was thinking today that it is still difficult for single women to do the things which our partnered sisters take for granted. And I am not just talking about DIY and basic car maintenance, I'm talking about socialising and holidays and things we once gave no thought about, but to now embark on these alone in the world seems too daunting.
Should it be like this?

  I have been wandering around with my camera and seeing places through the eyes of a tourist. I discovered that not only is capturing scenes on camera good fun it teaches you to seek out things you have never noticed before - yes,even in your home town.
I also discovered that having a camera to hide behind gives the opportunity of adopting a new persona and suddenly being alone in a strange town no longer seems frightening.
Even popping into a cafe alone to jot a few words into a journal is an absolute must not a " I hate going into cafes alone"

I have a disability, which is worsening and it makes everyday tasks twice as hard. I have Parkinson's which is a neurological condition and is degenerative and incurable. I'm not going to go on about it but it does greatly affect my life. For example  It brings about a certain loss of dignity and it took me a long time to ask for help.
These days it makes more sense to visit cafes where table service is the norm and if not I no longer hesitate in asking to have my tray carried for me.
Same with holidays I had one disastrous solo holiday in a hotel which served all food buffet style - BIG mistake - watch the video at the end to find out more.

This is one of my favourite places, it is Lytham in Lancashire, and I have taken to going there on fine Sunday afternoons.
There I can walk on  grass whilst gazing at the sea and can look in exclusive little shops and stop for coffee in one of the numerous cafes.

One of my main problems is fatigue and I have had to learn to take care of myself and this includes resting when I need to.
Has Parkinson's brought me bad things? No, it hasn't. Sure I don't like it much and I don't want it but it does focus thoughts on getting the best out of life, and I am not prepared to give up on this wonderful world that we live in.

This is me having a rest day in my Llama Pyjamas - the link to the tutorial is
Make some pyjamas in this fabulous Llama Fabric
Don't be afraid to have rest days if you are disabled in any way. Don't feel guilty because the sun is shining and you feel that you should go out, listen to your body and if necessary switch off from the outside world for the day - or as long as it takes.

Being mindful is a buzz word maybe, but it does matter actually. Notice the beauty all around you, like this roundabout for example, isn't it pretty. Rushing around instead of a mindful saunter and I wouldn't have given it a second glance.

And just look at this! Amazing isn't it - this is on the pavement almost obliterated by a black bin, what talented person designed it? who put it there? When?
Go out on your daily adventure (and get your exercise in joyfully) and who knows what you will see!

I made a video which I put on you tube .  In it I give tips on dining alone, holidays alone ,and how to relish the freedom and not dread it. The video covers much more than is on this post so please do watch it and leave me a thumbs up sign.

Do please honour me and watch it. It will only take a few minutes of your life and you never know it could inspire you.

If it's not relevant to you it could be for someone else and then you have some information and help to offer them.

I highly recommend Lonely Planet publications for the most useful travel guides ever, this is just a tiny selection of the latest releases Do go to their web site and get excited about going on your adventure! Lonely Planet guides
These make great reading even if you just want to plan a very short break!

To learn more about Parkinson's please read my post Parkinson's, sewing and me

Finally I am enjoying renovating a doll's house and I promise to write a post showing you how I made some of the items.

Please pass this post on to anybody you know who may appreciate it


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Jenny said...

You are so inspiring, and your tutorials show an incredible depth of knowledge. I am in awe of all you do
In fair exchange I am donating something towards the upkeep of your blog .
Many many thanks