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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Easy to sew gifts for Mums

 very simple, easy to make gifts

This is a really good mother and daughter project. You still have time to make them using whatever odd bits of fabric and trimmings you have to hand

To make the lavendar bag look through your fabric stash and find some pretty offcuts.  You will also need short lengths of lace and ribbon.
You will need dried lavender too.


Gather all your bits together and cut out a heart shape in paper. Use this to cut out two pieces of fabric.

When you have done that lay ribbon and lace on one of the pieces in any design you like and machine in place.

Machine stitch the two pieces right sides together,  trim and clip all curves.  Press. 

Turn right sides out and lightly stuff with toy stuffing adding a large spoonful of lavender

Slip stitch the opening closed and then you can add any further trimmings as liked
Add a hanging loop and a bow, stitching firmly in place and there you go.

These really are easy to make, so do have a go. 

Other ideas are

 These are very simply quilted

And this is embellished with lace and ribbon

How to make the tote bag

Cut out two rectangles of fabric. Stitch them together on three sides using a french seam
To make a french seam join the fabric together wrong sides together. Sew them together. Trim close to the stitching, trim and cut the corners off without cutting the stitches.
Turn wrong side out, press and machine 5/8" from the edge,turn right sides out and press.
Sew a double hem along the top edge.

Cut two pieces for the handles. Iron on some interfacing. Fold the long edges in, fold in half. Press. Machine along the long edge.
Turn in the short edges of the handles and sew firmly in place.

You could quite easily make these in less than a couple of hours and if you have the fabric in stock they will cost you nothing.
You need never be short of a gift again, these are most acceptable gifts for girls of any age!

I recently made a patchwork quilted bag.

It is basically similar to the tote above, except it is made from patchwork
Work out the measurements  you want your bag to be and cut out patchwork shapes to fit
join together.

Place wadding  behind your pressed patchwork  and quilt in any design you like. 

I chose small squares which took ages!

Join the sides, add handles

Make a button loop

Attach button and tbere it is

It took a couple of  hours including the quilting. It is a great bag to take on holiday, just big enough to hold a book and your sun block.