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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Sewing a Dress in a Stretch Fabric

A Jaycotts post.

Stretch fabrics - used for sportswear are featured in the GBSB 2019

This post is additional help for sewing with knits. Please look at my previous post where I talked about making Knit tops How to sew knit fabrics
This is a trapeze dress, so named because of its triangular shape. It can be unflattering so make sure that you wear it with heels and you will feel elegant in it not frumpy.

NB  not everyone has an overlocker. In this case I recommend Mettler Seraflock which is a stretch thread you can use for knits using just a straight stitch. Use a zigzag to neaten the seams

This time I am making a dress in a SCUBA fabric which is very easy to work with. You still need the same equipment as in the previous post, for example Stretch needles, Mettler thread and so on so do read the post.
Scuba fabric was born out of neoprane, the fabric which diving suits are made out of. It is a double knit fabric, made from polyester but there is usually some lycra or Spandex included in the fabric mix.
The fabric does not fray and some people don't bother to finish the seams but that would annoy me no end so I still overlock everything. It stretches well and has a good recovery. The downside is that it doesn't breathe and so can be hot to wear. It can be sewn up very quickly and is great for party dresses.
Various Scuba Fabrics. Do take a look
When stitching it use a ball point needle and a longer stitch than normal. I use a 4 or even a 4.5 at times.

The pattern I am using is one I have made before, it is the Grainline studios Farrow Dress and this is the link to that post.

This pattern is for anyone with some knowledge of sewing as it has several points which need matching up exactly. Any slight mis-matching might not be so obvious on a patterned fabric but would spoil a garment made in a plain fabric.

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