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Vogue V9004 Fitted tops with seam detail made in Linen fabric

This is a pattern review of the very flattering Vogue 9004.


Tacking, marker pens, tailors chalk,

I have such a lot of fabric in my stash at home and I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that although constantly buying new fabrics is fun, it can become an obsession. I have so many beautiful fabrics already, each one chosen because I love something about it, be it the colour or design, so I have made a decision to use some of those wonderful fabrics and not to buy any more until my supply has seriously reduced in size!
So, in my fabric collection there is (or rather was) a collection of pure linen of varying weights.
This top pattern from Vogue  is perfect for using some of the smaller pieces.

The trousers are from the same pattern as my navy ones in previous blog posts.
Palazzo pants These garments are all for my holiday and can easily be mixed and matched

I made both versions of the top, adding sleeves to them but if it your preference for sleeveless tops then instructions are included in the pattern.
This version has A-symetrical seams and I just love it.
The trick with putting together any garment, especially one like this where the placement is slightly out of the ordinary is to transfer every single pattern marking onto your fabric. Otherwise the task will quickly become irritating as you try to figure out where each piece goes - pattern marking saves a lot of time!
My favourite way to mark fabric is with  Tacking thread. Tacking thread is something which you may not have in your work box, you may think you don't need it but think again. The fibres are rough being made out of short cotton fibres so it stays put until you remove it. Normal sewing thread is slippery and is likely to fall out before you get the chance to use the markings! It is very affordable, so do add it to your order.

The other version of the top has a lovely  flattering insert. Both of these patterns give you the perfect opportunity to use all those small pieces of fabric you have been saving. Just ensure that the fabric type and weight  is the same and the washing instructions are the same, otherwise you might end up with a disaster!

So, what is this wonder pattern? It is by Vogue and is available from Jaycotts Vogue 9004
I have to admit that I am a Vogue convert, their patterns are just that bit different and some are slightly eclectic which appeals to me no end.
I also appreciate working on some of their more challenging patterns, and the results are always superb.

The pants is an adaptation of this Simplicity pattern, the instruction for altering the pattern are on the link for Palazzo trousers above and. The pattern is Simplicity 8391  again I used pure linen.

MinervaCrafts sell linen and linen blend fabrics Linen and linen blend from MinervaCrafts
Abakhan Fabrics also sell similar fabrics Linen and linen blend fabrics from Abakhan Fabrics

This is a small piece of hand printed linen and cotton blend which I loved but was too small to do anything major with. It is however perfect for this project.
The A-symetrical seams are easy to do so long as all your pattern markings are in place. I found the instructions easy to understand. If you don't want to use tacking thread for your markings then there are alternatives but do test them in your fabric first, and if you are using marker pens then never iron over them until they have been removed or they could become permanent!

There are various marker pens available from Jaycotts, as is chalk . Do not use a permanent marker though

Water erasable pen

Vanishing ink marker pen

Chalk marking equipment

Carbon paper and tracing wheel

I use all of the above from time to time, but if I am in any doubt whatsoever I use tailors tacks.

Two very different tops from one great pattern! Bet you thought I wouldn't be able to use my Embroidery Machine?

On one of the tops, the Cerise and navy one, I wanted to tie in both colours with an embroidery design on the pink  in the same navy blue.

My embroidery machine is fabulous and I totally love it. It is so easy to use! It is the Brother Innov-is 800E brother Innov-is 800e.
I do suggest that you telephone Jaycotts to discuss your needs and your budget before purchasing a sewing or embroidery machine as there is so much choice! At the moment there are a lot of special offers on so it is always worth telephoning for a current price.

I tried a new embroidery thread by Gutterman with good results, the colours are fabulous, with so much choice! Gutterman Embroidery Thread so they are worth considering for your next project.

I used a centred back zip, I used to always use invisible zips, but since I went back to these I am finding them quick and accurate to use. Regular Zip

This is part of my next project which is almost finished, so as soon as I can I'll get the blog out for you, but it shows the process of inserting a regular Zip The linen pants which I am wearing on this post are actually part of the next project!
The procedure for making the top is explained very well, with clear diagrams, including how to insert the zip, which is as follows;

Tack the centre back together above the centre back seam, neaten the seam allowance, press open. Then lay the zip face down with the teeth positioned in the seam. Tack it in place . Turn it over and using your regular zipper foot   Sewing machine feet. Top stitch in place and press. Then remove your tacking thread and the job is done with no fuss and no messing!

This is a pattern I will use time and time again, it is very easy to wear and I love the way I am able to use those little pieces of fabrics which I couldn't bear to throw away.

Everything I use is from  Their telephone number is 01244 394099
Or fill in the contact form Contact Jaycotts They will get back to you as soon as possible.
Do visit their web site , at the moment there are a lot of special offers on so it would be a shame if you missed out.
And if you fancy going to Chester for a day out then do plan a visit to Jaycotts too and try out some of their wonderful machines. Telephone first to make sure that they are open.

Lastly, Vogue patterns are not all difficult to sew so do choose one because I know that you will be as impressed as I am.

Happy sewing


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