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Monday, 1 May 2017

Reviews of Prym sewing tools and accessories from

These are my reviews of some of my favourite Prym sewing tools and accessories from Jaycotts

I wanted to share with you some of the tools I use when sewing to make life easier. I love gadgets of any kind don't you? These are some of the tools I use from the Prym range and I do recommend them. They are all thoughtfully designed to be easy to hold, easy to use and won't break the bank.

Prym Aqua Glue Marker

I have started to use this amazing product recently, it is the Aqua Glue Marker from my favourite brand of sewing tools PRYM sold by Jaycotts

This is one of those of those products that you wonder how you managed without it. It is very inexpensive too and refills are available

To purchase the Glue pen and refill go to this link PRYMM Aqua Glue Marker

All in all this is a great product and I recommend having one in your sewing box, you will certainly find lots more uses for it

 It is non-toxic so safe for children's crafting and being refillable will last for years.

Prym Aqua Glue Marker
The pen has refills which are readily available from Jaycotts
Great for crafts
So far I have used it to great effect for holding applique shapes in place ready for sewing. I have used it to place invisible zips accurately  and to position pockets which needed holding firmly in place so that the pattern matching stayed true.
I also used it to temporarily hold a hem up whilst I checked that the length was even, and I have used it instead of pins to hold the seams together on vinyl fabric which  I wanted to sew but which I did not want pin holes in.

Dries clear and any residue washes out 
When I first used it I was surprised at the colour - it is a very bright yellow!  However that is to it's advantage because it is makes it very easy to see where it has been placed. The product description states that it dries clear and I can say that once it has dried it does indeed become clear. Furthermore it washes out easily too, so there is no residue left at all

Prym fixing weights

A pack of four Prym mini Fixing weights 

There are so many uses for these sturdy little weights but I am sure you will find more.
I used them to place my pattern onto some Faux leather I was sewing to avoid marking the fabric with pins and it worked very successfully.

Great for holding down multiple layers of fabric or used instead of line when cutting a pattern out.

For those of you who do patchwork and quilting and have lots of fiddly shapes to cut out all at once, then these weights are perfect. They are heavy enough to hold several layers of fabric down whilst you use a rotary cutter. They make the task of cutting multiple layers at once so simple

The fabric they are made from is textured so that they grip the fabric or the paper pattern without it slipping. They do not damage or mark your pattern in any way . I think that they are great, they have so many uses! they are available on this link  Mini weights

Prym Fray Check 

Prym Fray Check

This is a product which comes into its own when working with fabrics which fray. I used to overlock every seam before daring to sew fabrics which fray a lot. I remember working with some satin which just frayed away to nothing as I was sewing it. When I came to sew a boucle fabric which also frayed badly I thought I would try this.
It's wonderful!

Fray Check applied to the edge of the seam

All you do is to run a thin line of it along the edge which you want to sew and wait for it to dry. Then you can safely sew it safe in the knowledge that the fabric will not fray. I like it on the seams of coats and jackets and on buttonholes on loosely woven fabrics.
As with any other product of this nature,use in a well ventilated room, do not let children near it and be aware that on some very fine fabrics it can be visible so whatever you use it  on please do a test on some spare fabric first.
 It is on the link here Prym  Fray  check  

Prym Universal Tool for Covered Buttons

Tool for covered buttons 

I absolutely love self covered buttons and use them a lot. Sometimes I want them to match my fabric, sometimes I want a contrast. There is no denying it they are fiddly to make though.
Not any more! This ingenious little gadget does away with gathering the fabric to fit and trying to push the base on firmly only to find the whole thing falls apart...... I am sure you have experienced it.

Preparing the button

On the back of the pack is a guide to enable you to cut out a circle of fabric to the exact size. I am making 15mm buttons. So make a template from tracing paper and use it to cut out a circle of fabric.
Making the button

Push the fabric face down into the correct size hole - they are clearly marked, then place the button on top. Push the fabric onto the prongs as normal them put the back on. Put the two halves of the button maker together, squeeze, and out pops the most perfect button you will have ever made. 

All done!

This fantastic product can be purchased from Jaycotts on this link Prym Button Maker
Self cover buttons, both metal and plastic are suitable, are on this link, Cover buttons

Dressmakers wax

Of course when it comes to sewing your buttons on you don't want them to fall off. I always use Prym Dressmakers Wax  to strengthen my thread.

Dressmakers wax

Traditionally used by tailors, wax not only strengthens the thread but it prevents tangling too enabling you to use a long length of thread. 

On coats and jackets I strongly recommend that you also use a stronger thread, a top stitching thread is ideal Top Stitch Thread it comes in lots of colours and is thicker and stronger than ordinary sewing thread making it suitable for sewing buttons onto heavier fabrics.

Prym magnetic pin cushion and Prym Magnet

Magnetic pin cushion and magnet

Where do you keep your pins? Do you use a traditional pin cushion, or like me and many others do you like the magnetic pin cushion? I love it because quite simply pins stay put. They don't fall off even if you knock it, this is great for me as I am forever dropping things. Prym Magnetic Pin Cushion
To complement it why not treat yourself to a magnet too? Inevitably pins and needles get dropped on the floor and a quick sweep of the carpet under your sewing table soon picks up any strays Prym Magnetic for pins


You will of course need various types of pins to suit your fabric. Jaycotts has all you could ever wish for!

A small selection of Prym  pins

It is staggering how many different types of pins there are Pins so do look at this section on Jaycotts web site and think about the type of fabrics you sew. There are everyday pins, lace and bridal pins. Pins for quilters, plastic headed pins and glass headed pins. Long pins, safety pins......
For ordinary sewing I like the neon pins as they are easy to spot both in my fabric and on the floor! But it really is down to you and what sort of sewing you do. So take your time to think about it and order two or three different types. The very fine ones are invaluable when sewing fine fabrics and silk for example.

Prym point turner

Prym point turner

Every sewing box needs a point turner. Prym point turner they are used to push corners out in pockets and collars and for smoothing out seams from the inside.

Making sharp corners on a pocket

The pointed end is used for pushing corners out from the inside and making them crisp and pointed.
The rounded end can be used to smooth out edges of collars etc  from the inside ensuring that your seam is fully pushed out and is sitting right at the edge. Totally invaluable.

Prym Seam Ripper

Medium seam ripper

This soft grip easy to hold seam ripper from Prym comes in three sizes , small medium and large, this one being the medium

Opening a seam 

Used for unpicking seams to make adjustments on bought garments or to unpick seams which you have just sewn this is another important piece of sewing kit which none of us can live without.

Prym Thread scissors 

Thread snippers

These thread snippers (or scissors) are so useful to keep next to your sewing machine to snip the end of your thread quickly. I keep a pair with my overlocker too so that they are always handy. They are much quicker to use than ordinary scissors Prym Thread Scissors

Prym Reverse Action Tweezers 

Who would have thought about making tweezers which work the opposite way round to normal tweezers?
But guess what? They really do work exceptionally well.

 Closed when not being used, a quick pinch. And they open. This somehow makes them far easier to use than ordinary tweezers. I thought they would take some getting used to, not so, they seem logical somehow.

What do I use them for? Threading my overlocker and sewing machines, picking up loose strands of thread on my embroidery and just about everything else. They even have a hanging loop. Do try them, you will be pleasantly surprised. Prym Reverse Action Tweezers

Prym Turning Set

Maybe I saved the best until last? This tool is certainly impressive and if you make thin straps or belts you will really appreciate the no- fuss way this makes rouleau.

It comes in a set of three different sizes so you will always have the right size handy

Each set comes in two parts.The tube goes into your stitched rouleau then you push down with the thin part and with no fuss your strap or belt is instantly turned the right way out honestly it's amazing! It has got to be the easiest way ever!

I cannot enthuse about this product enough. It really makes you want to make thin rouleau straps!

This is the finished strap, made in seconds. I love it. Buy one here

I hope that by showing you some of the Prym products which I use on a regular basis you too may find a product which will make your sewing easier. 
Don't forget to read my review of Prym Pressing tools too, it is on Jaycotts blog Pressing Matters on Jaycotts blog

Jaycotts can be contacted on this link by email or telephone Contact Jaycotts and do check their opening times before you pay then a visit to try out some of their sewing machines. Chester is a lovely city so what about a weekend away sometime soon?

Thank you for reading this post