Thursday, 25 February 2016

Having fun sewing Melissa's Bolero Jacket from Zierstoft Simply Sew Patterns

The Melissa Bolero Jacket from Zierstoff Simply Sew was a most enjoyable garment to sew. Even better it is a great fashion garment suitable to be worn by all ages.

Meet a brand new pattern company who design the most beautiful patterns for women and children. is based in Munich. Ilka and Joanna are two beautiful young mothers who have only recently began their journey to show people just how easy and fun sewing can be. Not only are their PDF patterns attractive and easy to follow they come with an extensive range of support from video tutorials to downloadable pattern instructions.
Zierstoff - simply sew is the brand new English branch of the very sucessful German company Zierstoff.
Do look at their video on You Tube and see just how lovely Ilka and Joanna are in person.
Zierstoff -simply sew on you tube

And don't forget to look at their patterns on the easy to navigate web site Click here

The pattern I decided to use for this post is a Boleo jacket called Melissa, you can order the pattern, very cheaply I might add, on the link HERE The fabric is a variagated wool jersey,  more details below.

Each downloadable pattern comes with full video instructions on how to print pdf patterns  and a printable e-book giving full instructions. You cannot go wrong!

The recommended fabric is for "something which is soft and which drapes easily"
I chose a soft wool jersey which I  picked up from  They stock a huge range of jersey knit fabrics in weights from light to heavy including some beautiful Liberty jerseys.     JERSEY KNIT FABRICS just remember that you need something with a good drape. For summer a chiffon would make a beautiful beach cover up.

I downloaded and printed the instruction booklet and watched the video before I even got the scissors out!
I noted that the seam allowance is 3/8", a little bit narrower than other patterns, so bear that in mind. This is the standard width for sewing with an overlocker by the way.
The instructions are very easy to follow. If you are not certain on anything then watch the video tutorials

The printable  instructions are very clear with photographs instead of the usual line drawings.

I like my garment do be neat on the inside too and overlocked all raw edges. Rather than keep changing threads on my overlocker I used an overlocker foot on my Bernina sewing machine which makes the process so much easier and quicker.
The picture above shows the overlock foot in action, they are available for most sewing machines so are a brilliant option if you do not want the added expense of purchasing an overlocker machine. If you own neither, then a zig zag stitch will be fine.

The other thing I like, as most of you who regularly read my blogs will know, is that I am very fond of Mettler Seraflock thread which I obtain from
Mettler Seraflock (my sewing machine and accessories are all from too)

This thread is wonderful,it is a stretch thread  so it means that you can sew stretch fabrics with just an ordinary straight stitch, no special technique needed! I use it a lot I have to admit. It comes on a large spool and lasts for ages.

The instructions tell you to sew the fronts to the back along the shoulder seam ,attach the sleeves and then stitch the side seams. It is easier if you overlock or finish each seam in your preferred way as you go.once you have stitched the sleeves in place then sew the side seams, it should now look like this. There is a band which goes the whole way around the garment, stitch it together as the instructions tell you, press it and fold it in half before attaching it to the main body of the garment. You may find it easier to tack it together first.

To finish the sleeves I finished the raw edge, turned it up by just less than an inch and machined the hem in place.

And there it is finished in just one evening!

The back looks wonderful as it shows the variagated shades of the fabric perfectly.

The fabric I chose is very snuggly and cuddly to wear, perfect when it is a bit chilly.

The front drapes easily and dependant on your choice of fabric could look extremely smart instead of casual like mine.

In a different fabric this would make wonderful cover ups for bridesmaids on their way to a wedding, and as they do not take long to make are a really good option.

Thank you ladies for this lovely pattern. Will I make it again? YES, That says it all really.

Angela. X