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Monday, 6 July 2015


This Bell dress by SIMPLE SEW was so easy that I made it in an afternoon.
The fabric is a heavy jersey so you will need a stretch stitch  on your machine, plus a new ball point needle

 The fabric is thick enough to enable me to use dressmakers tracing paper and a tracing wheel to transfer the pattern markings. Do test a piece of fabric first though, because it does not always come off and if the marks show through to the right side of your fabric, your garment is ruined. My pattern markings are visible but not too dark.
Stitch the darts. Press. Stitch tbe shoulder, overlock the edges or finish in your usual way.

You need to attach the sleeves before stitching the side seams. Run a gathering thread alkng the top edge of the sleeve keeping within the seam allowance. This will enable the sleeve to be gently eased into the armhole

This is what it should look like on the inside once the sleeve has been attached.

There should be no lumps or gathers, the sleeve needs to sit smoothly.
Keep trying the garment on for fit by tbe way.

Stitch tbe side seams and sleeve seams in one action, leaving an opening for a zip on the left side
insert an invisible zip and neaten all the edges.
Attach the funnel neck. Neaten the edges. The pattern instructions are very easy to follow by the way.

I finished tbe hem and sleeves by overlocking the edges and then by turning up 3/4"and top stitching.
Give it a final press.

There it is. An incredibly wearable, smart, comfortable dress in around three hours stary to finish! It looks great with a wide belt and boots.

Let me know if you have made this dress and if you love wearing it too


To view the new Lined version I made recently click HERE

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