Friday, 13 February 2015

How to make a blouse. NewLook 6107

I found a huge gap in my wardrobe. I have very few blouses and they would be such a nice change from t-shirts that I decided to look for a pattern.
I decided on NewLook 6107.

I chose some white spotted cotton lawn.

The first job is to pick the right size, so take your measurements and choose the pattern size closest  to your bust measurement.
Then pin the fabric together along the selvedge, place your pattern pieces along the correct grain line. Pin. Cut.

I then made the rouleau loops. Do not be daunted  by this. Get the correct tool, a loop turner, (they are inexpensive) and it will be a breeze

Then tailor tack the darts and button placements according to the pattern instructions.

Stitch the darts, sew the back yoke to the back, join the front and backs at the side seams.
gather the front shoulder and join the shoulder seams

The pattern instructions are very easy to follow, so do stick to them. When it comes to attaching the front facing understitch along the seam line.this is invisible on the right side but is important as it holds the facing in place.

This is the underband which sits behind the buttons

The front should now look like this.
I hope that you have been pressing each seam as you go? It is also easier to finish the edges as you go too. I like to overlock.
at this stage i finished the hem.

Setting in sleeves can be difficult. Do not panic. Join the sleeve underarm seam and finish the hem.
run a gathering stitch along the top of the sleeves, this will make it easy to fit it into the armhole

Pull the gathering threads gently

Starting at the underarm start to pin the sleeve in place, easing the sleeve in placd as you go.
you will think that it will not fit, but believe me with patience it will. There should be no pleats or gathers, the seam has to be perfectly smooth


Once the sleeve is in, neaten the edge, press.

 Pin together at the front, position the buttons and sew in place.
Hint, use waxed thread for strength.

I used some handmade floral buttons.

The back is very neat. It does not gape or pull anywhere.

And here it is.

The cotton fabric is easy to care for and will be cool to wear

The handmade buttons add a pretty touch.

When I make it again I will use ready made bias binding for the neck facing as I felt the facing a little too wide. But then again I always like to adapt patterns to my way of working.

This will be SEW useful for holidays.

Have fun sewing and do comment and ask questions

I mentioned that I will be making this blouse again on my Twitter, @sewingangela
This time I chose an embroidered white cotton

It is very lightweight, easy to sew and will be easy to care for

I made it exactly the same as previous except that I used a bought bias binding for the neck facing. It made the whole process a lot quicker and it looks very neat.

I hope that you like my blouses and that you will comment on them below.

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